These Are The Most Instagramable Workouts In NYC

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
We do a lot of things "for the 'gram," like eat avocado toast, attend rooftop parties, and even go to workout classes. Sure, there are lots of reasons to exercise besides just getting content for your Instagram page. But there are so many trendy, aesthetically-pleasing workout studios in New York City, that if you don't snap a photo and share it with your friends you miss out on some truly quality content.
Instagram, for many, is a crowdsourcing tool that helps one find suggestions of cool places to discover. It is not weird if you make a mental note to visit places that you saw on someone's Instagram — unless you go all Ingrid Goes West and try to mimic their life, which is unlikely to be well-received.
Ahead are some of the most Instagramable boutique workouts in New York City. Some of them are known for their actual workouts, while others are popular because of their pretty spaces and amenities. Chances are you've seen someone post a photo of these studios and thought, I want to go to there. Check out these studios for your next workout and be sure to snap your own gym selfie while you're at it — you know, for the 'gram.

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