These Are The Best Studios On ClassPass In NYC Now

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
The best thing about ClassPass is also the worst: You can try a different class each time you work out and never get bored. It's a uniquely New Yorker problem to feel crippled by having too many options at your fingertips. That's why you can live in an apartment for years and still walk down the block and think, "Hey, I didn't know there was a restaurant here!" because you only order from the same three places on Seamless.
Branching out and trying a new spot outside your normal routine — whether we're talking takeout food or fitness classes — can be beautiful and adventurous, and it can also be the worst. Worst case scenario is that you spend a whole yoga class wishing it would end, wasting your precious ClassPass credits and time. Best case? You try something out of your comfort zone and end up actually liking the workout. Currently, there are upwards of one thousand studios on ClassPass in New York City, so you've got to do your research.
There's really only one way to find out if you like something (trying it), but we combed through the list and found the best of the best classes and studios on ClassPass. Flip through to find the class that sounds like it could be your thing — then go!
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Photographed by Danny Kim.

Train like a UFC fighter — well, sort of — in these kickboxing and boxing classes. You have to buy hand wraps to use the gloves or bring your own.

UFC Gym, 277 Canal St, New York, NY; (212) 858-9880
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Photo: Courtesy of Trampolean.

Jumping on a trampoline is totally a workout, and you'll do that — plus resistant band exercises — in this hour-long class.

Trampolean, 37 W 26th St. 9th floor NY, NY; 212-956-4326
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Body Conceptions

You'll do a mix of cardio dance and strength training in these fast-paced classes. Even if you consider yourself a really bad dancer, you'll be able to pick up the choreography.

Body Conceptions, 37 West 26th St, 9th floor; 646-742-9400
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Photographed by Kava Gorna.
Twisted Trunk Yoga

If you're not into yoga gimmicks, you'll appreciate the classes here. They emphasize your alignment and breath, as opposed to rushing you through the poses.

Twisted Trunk Yoga, 580 Broadway, New York, NY; (212) 334-9960
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Photographed by Rus Anson.
Pura Vida Urban Fitness

This laid-back gym in Park Slope has tons of different classes — from Pilates to HIIT — and they're small, so you'll get personal attention.

Pura Vida Urban Fitness, 184 Underhill Avenue Brooklyn, NY; 718.857.0520
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Photographed by Brion Isaacs.
New York Pilates

Theses Pilates reformer classes feel basically like a private lesson. People love the clean and airy studio space.

New York Pilates, 262 Bowery, NY, NY; (212) 335-0375
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
Flywheel Fitness

If you like to know exactly how fast to go in a cycling class instead of guessing, you'll like Flywheel Fitness. For competitive types, there's a leaderboard that ranks the group's speed, but you can always opt out.

Flywheel Fitness, 245 W 17th St, New York, NY; (646) 661-7449
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Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Body Space Fitness

You'll learn a lot about strength training in these classes. The coaches provide hands-on assistance, and will help you perfect your form so you won't hurt yourself.

Body Space Fitness, 5th floor, 47 West 14th Street, New York, NY; (646) 684-4912
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Photo: Courtesy of Y7 Studio.
Y7 Studio

Hip hop music is the soundtrack to these hot yoga classes. And yes, this is that place you saw on Instagram with the steps that quote a Drake song.

Y7 Studio, 430 Broome St, New York, NY; (646) 820-0781
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Photo: Courtesy of Mile High Run Club.
Mile High Run Club

If you've never experienced a runner's high before, you will after one of these classes. The coaches tell you how to adjust your speed and incline (which is great if you're not used to using a treadmill), then walk you through some strength moves off the 'mill. You can also rent some Nike running shoes if you don't have your own.

Mile High Run Club, 28 E 4th St, New York, NY; (212) 466-6472
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Photographed by Aaron Richter.
Barry's Bootcamp

The hour-long strength and cardio class at Barry's might sound intimidating, but the instructors are super-motivating. It's broken up into half-hour segments, so it doesn't get boring, either. Most of the studios use MALIN + GOETZ products in the locker room, so that's pretty chic.

Barry's Bootcamp, 419 Lafayette St, New York, NY; (212) 260-4777
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Photo: Courtesy of Physique 57.
Physique 57

If you're into barre classes, these mix it up with cardio, stretch, and strength training. At first, the lingo might be confusing, so try a beginner class if you're new to barre. You can't have bare feet in the studio, so make sure you bring socks.

Physique 57, 55 Broadway #1602, New York, NY; (212) 747-0570
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Photo: Courtesy of Swerve Fitness.
Swerve Fitness

Before class, you're assigned to a team based on your bike. You race against the other side for quick timed cycling intervals. Win or lose, it's still fun, but might be best for competitive types. Oh, and there's a smoothie bar by the front desk.

Swerve Fitness, 30 W 18th St, New York, NY; (212) 242-3330
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Photo: Courtesy of Sharif Hamza.
Brooklyn Body Burn

This is like reformer Pilates, only harder because the machines have stronger springs in them. Show up a few minutes early so someone can walk you through how to use the machine (there are lots of straps and things), and be prepared to feel muscles you didn't know you had the next day.

Brooklyn Body Burn, 32 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY; (718) 384-1133
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Photo: Courtesy of Mindy LaVergne.
New Love City

Ultra-chill yoga studio doubles as a communal workspace — so Greenpoint, right? The classes are vinyasa yoga, and they're known for their supportive and positive teachers. They also provide mats, but the studio is pretty intimate, so get there on time.

New Love City, 4th Floor, 68 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY; (616) 915-4576
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Courtesy of The Bari Studio.
The Bari Studio

You'll use trampolines and resistance bands to bounce around during the workout — it's fun, not gimmicky. The classes are a nice departure from your usual strength-and-cardio class, and the instructors use the music to keep time with the exercises.

The Bari Studio, 23 Leonard St, New York, NY; (212) 966-2274
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Courtesy of Jay Sullivan.
City Row

Rowing indoors on a machine might be the new cycling. The machines at City Row are easy to use, and you'll also do some bodyweight exercises between breaks on the ergs. You'll be surprised how much of a mind-body experience rowing is, because you really have to think about form.

City Row, 80 5th Ave #1501, New York, NY; (212) 242-4790
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Photo: Courtesy of Body and Pole.
Body and Pole

If learning how to pole dance is a secret passion, go to one of these classes. The instructors will teach you how to safely do flips and tricks, and your upper body will really feel the workout. Plus it's a fun party trick!

Body and Pole, 115 W 27th St, New York, NY; (212) 334-6900
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Photo: Courtesy of Uplift Studios.
Uplift Studios

This is a women-only gym that offers small group classes. Most of them focus on strength training, and people say they're challenging but pressure-free.

Uplift Studios, 24 W 23rd St, New York, NY; (212) 242-3103

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