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A good ole’ fashion pair of all-American denim jeans is a universal sartorial staple that just about anyone can get down with. However, for plus-size clothing wearers, this go-to item can be a nightmare and a source of deep frustration. Not only are good plus-size jeans hard to come by, the selection of brands that stock solid plus-size denim options is traditionally pretty slim. To top that off, shopping for plus-size jeans in-store isn’t always an option, making it hard to really know which dungarees are going to fit your body. As the resident plus-size fashion expert, I’ve put many pairs of denim to the test during my tenure at R29. I’ve used my first-hand knowledge of how certain brands fit along the endless hours spent combing the internet to compile a list of all the plus-size jeans brands that are worth adding to your cart.
This plus-size denim resource guide includes budget-friendly favorites like tried-and-true Old Navy and trend-forward Eloquii, along with anti-waist gap pairs from Abercrombie and cutting-edge cuts from Good American. If there’s a wash you prefer or a silhouette that is your go-to, one of these plus-size jeans brands listed below has a denim remedy waiting just for you. Prepare to enter plus-size denim heaven ahead. 


Sizes Carried 14W-2W
Best For Sophisticated Take On Trendy Plus-Size Jeans Styles

Eloquii is a trendy, plus-size focused fashion retailer whose denim selection has grown over the years. Now it’s a great spot for a special type of plus-size jeans — specifically, an of-the-moment pair adorned with fun details or a unique, un-basic cut or style. Eloquii also has various clothing fits based off of body type for specific pieces of clothing. The styles do sell out, so if there's a pair that catches your eye (like these ones did for me) – scoop it up!

Shop Eloquii Plus-Size Jeans

Abercrombie & Fitch Curve Love

Sizes Carried: 23W-37W
Best Anti-Waist Gap Plus-Size Jeans
Abercrombie & Fitch had a wild 2021, after blowing up on TikTok and reclaiming its early-2000s relevance. The brands’ curve-friendly line of bottoms offers the ultimate waist-gap remedy for those with larger, rounder hips. After wearing a pair myself, I can attest to the Curve Love’s comfortable fit. The brand is also more inclusive during this rebranded iteration, so plus-size folks get to participate in A&F styles for a change. This and many other reasons landed A&F jeans an R29 MVP Award this year.

Shop A&F Plus-Size Jeans

Old Navy

Sizes Carried: 00-30
Best For Trying Plus-Size Jeans On In-Store Nationwide
Old Navy is one of the few retailers nation-wide that plus-size people can expect to have a similar experience to their straight-sized counterparts. Each Old Navy store will stock sizes 0-28 in every style they decided to sell in store. In store and online, you can also expect to see diverse models or mannequins donning the latest styles for sale. The prices are great and the experience is fair and equitable.
Shop Old Navy Plus-Size Jeans

KUT from the Kloth

Sizes Carried: 14W-24W
Best Plus-Size Jeans Brand At Department Store

Kut from the Kloth is a brand that sometimes slips my mind because more often than not its one you can snag at a department store like Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. Whether its online through social media commentary or comments on one of my stories, I've come to realize that brand makes very comfy jeans that are crowd-favorites. The pair from Nordstrom Rack included is less than $50 with an over 4 star rating from 52 reviews. Those are pretty impressive stats if you ask me.

Shop Kut from the Kloth Plus-Size Jeans


Sizes Carried: 14-24
Shop Levi's Plus-Size Jeans

Levi's is what comes to mind when you think of a classic all-American brand. Their uncomplicated cuts like these 501's have stolen the heart of denim lovers for years. The brands inventory is quite lacking with only a handful of styles present, and the sizing options are limited. However, what they do have packs a punch if you can shimmy your way into a pair.

Warp + Weft

Sizes Carried: 14-24
Best Sustainable Plus-Size Jeans

If you are a fan of the sustainably conscious brands like everlane but have not been able to participate in their size offerings, Warp + Weft is a good choice. They have simple, impactful styles that are made in an eco-concious way. The size range could be better, but its definitely a step up from everlane which caps out at about an 18/20.

Shop Warp + Weft Plus-Size Jeans

Universal Standard

Sizes Carried: 00-40
Best Plus-Size Jeans Size Range
Universal Standard completely revolutionized the fashion industry with their impressive range of sizes available in EVERY style. While the brand isn't as buzzy as other "cooler" brand's the simple, elevated options are reminicinet of that at a store like Uniqlo except plus-size people can actually wear these. I review a different pair here that are easily the most comfortable and one of my favorite pair of jeans I own.

Shop Universal Standard Plus-Size Jeans


Sizes Carried: 10-30
Best Plus-Size Skinny Jeans
Torrid is most definitely a plus-size fashion retail vetran. The clothier has been dishing out styles in larger sizes for quite some time. Although the offerings aren't always the most style forward, the jeans (especially the skinny jeans) have been a staple in many plus-size wardrobes. The brand also has pretty impressive range of inseam options which is definitely hard to come by in plus-size clothes!

Shop Torrid Plus-Size Jeans

Good American

Sizes Carried: 00-24

This young brand partly owned by the infamous Khloe Kardashian has definitely caused a rumble in the plus-size community. While the brand occasionally comes under heat for its founder's not-so-positive relationship with diet culture and fatphobia, its hard to deny that they make good jeans. The on trend styles and cuts that fit and hug the owners body seamlessly are worth checking out.

Fashion To Figure

Sizes Carried: 12-28

Fashion To Figure is known for its influencer collection collaborations that sell our over and over again. The brand also makes a solid assortment of trendy denim styles that you can't always find elsewhere. If you are a city girl, that loves a more street-style influenced aesthetic, check out the styles FTF has in stock.

Shop Fashion To Figure Plus-Size Jeans


Sizes Carried: 14W-28W

Madewell is J.Crew's cooler younger sister, and that's probably why its popular has remained steady over the years. Last year the brand decided to revamp their plus-sizes by perfecting the fit and adding sizes up to a 4X (28W). While these moves were definitely positive, the stock always seems on the lower end for their plus-size denim styles across the board. If a pair you like is available, grab it immediately because restocking seems to take some time for Madewell.

Shop Madewell Plus-Size Jeans

Pilcro by Anthropologie

Sizes Carried: 16W-26W
Best Comfy High-End Plus-Size Jeans Brands

Anthropologie is an ecletic, nomad-inspired fashion brand that is known for funky prints and textile designs, so it’s easy to forget that the brand carries its own state-of-the-art denim collection – Pilcro. From my experience reviewing them, the in-house brand’s jeans are super comfortable and really easy to move in. The jeans always look good with a wide variety of clothing too.

Shop Anthropologie Plus-Size Jeans
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