R29's MVP Awards. R29's MVP Awards.

Refinery29's Most Valuable Product Awards distinguishes 29 exceptional items we personally tested and approved to meet our standards of must-buy material over the past year.

Each of our MVPs was selected based on its status as both a top-shopped reader favorite and editor-vetted pick from the previous 365 days. After weighing those standouts based on aesthetics, value, sustainability, inclusivity, and versatility, we chose goods that were unique to 2021; including a tarot deck for today, a Y2K-fashion reboot, and a really fancy bidet. The awards serve as our gold star for the products that enhanced our lives, whether it was with a big bang or a tiny sparkle. Without further fanfare, we now present the 29 honorees — along with the exclusive deals we wrangled on them — below.

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Long-lasting, eco-friendly, and good-looking non-stick cookware is hard to come by — which is why, after an intensive two-month trial, I gave my whole heart away to Caraway’s four-piece saucepan, fryer, Dutch oven, and sauté pan set. This lifestyle brand took 2021 by storm thanks to essential, countertop-worthy pots and pans, the launch of a stylish bakeware set, and a chorus of loyal new customers (evidenced by over 25,000 reviews and a sparkly 4.8-out-of-5 star rating for just the cookware set alone). Caraway’s numerous amenities (non-toxic ceramic non-stick coatings, innovative magnetic storage racks, and vibrant colorways) land the four pieces that I tested at a grand total of $395, but based on my experience, you get more than what you pay for. Sticky rice, gooey oatmeals, sizzling bacon, and all kinds of stubborn snacks are child’s play to my Caraway pots, and the no-hassle clean-up is music to my ears. Who knew that the secret ingredient to great tasting food could be a single set of pans?

Featured In: My Caraway Cookware Set & I: A Love Story For The Ages

Written by Alexandra Polk
As far as socially responsible bedding goes, Parachute takes the reader-beloved and editor-approved cake with its sustainably sourced products and charitable partnership with the United Nation’s Nothing But Nets (a campaign providing malaria-prevention mosquito nets to communities in need). Although an investment, the brand’s breathable linen sheets are well worth the extra $$$ for a high-quality feel that only gets more touchable over time. Take it from someone who is a woefully hot sleeper: Parachute's European flax linen somehow manages to provide me with a soft-and-cozy sleep setting while still offering up that elusive temperature-regulating breathability.

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Written by Elizabeth Buxton
It's not every day that Lululemon blesses the fitness-verse with a brand-new legging innovation — and yes, it’s complex stuff, folks. Mere months ago, the luxe activewear brand did precisely that with the arrival of the Instill Tight. As soon as I slipped on a pair myself, it was love at first feel; the fabric was buttery soft yet supportive, and comfortable enough to take me from the yoga mat to out and about town. Unsurprising to no one, Lululemon stans turned out in droves to cop the new launch, with reviewers describing the Instills as the “softest, best-fitting leggings [they] own” and having “replaced [their] jeans.” (Same!) Featuring a sky-high waistband and flattering seams, it seems that the perfect legging does, in fact, exist.

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Written by Karina Hoshikawa
Out of all the unique and cost-effective diamonds we've uncovered in the roughest corners of Amazon, the basicConcepts reusable tongue scraper might be the most surprising. For just $6, you get two tools that keep your bad breath at bay, stay fresh with minimal cleaning, and keep hundreds of pieces of plastic out of your trash can. It’s a triple win for your mouth, wallet, and our planet. It’s been a pleasure watching this practical eco-friendly buy find its way into the hygiene routines of many after I presented it to our readers in our monthly editor’s picks round-up. Next time you’re ordering your groceries online or just window-shopping through Amazon’s infinite inventory, make sure to pop this unexpected oral-hygiene must-have in your cart.

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Written by Alexandra Polk
Last year my fellow staffers and I got to review Skims’ TikTok-famous Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress, and spoiler alert: I loved it. As someone who doesn’t really wear closer-fitting dresses, I was pleasantly surprised by my affinity towards the design. It’s like a gentle hug around your body that happens to look good on everyone. Although it’s designed for leisure, I’ve worn it at home, to the beach, and out to dinner with friends. Kim K. definitely understood the assignment with this gem.

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Written by Chichi Offor
“A modern tarot deck may strike you as an oxymoron,” explains Most Wanted writer Mercedes Viera in their review of these top-rated cards. It’s true: the divination method dates back to the early 15th century, making it an unlikely candidate for success in our non-analog world. And yet, tarot card-reading is surprisingly suited to Gen Z’s present-day spiritual journey, lending itself to YouTube tutorials and “pulls” unfolding on TikTok. Illustrator Lisa Sterle’s reboot of the standard Rider-Waite deck — first authored in 1909 — brings “a higher standard” to the practice, “one where the spiritual world represented in the cards matches the diversity we see in real life,” writes Mercedes. “No matter which card I dealt, the illustrations spoke to my spirit by not adhering to traditional gender norms.”

Featured In: The Modern Tarot Deck With 13,000 Amazon Reviews & A Near-Perfect Rating

Written by Emily Ruane
Lo & Sons' weekender covers a multitude of award-worthy bases — from reader-favorite to editor-approved, female-founded, AAPI-owned, and sustainable. Having relied on this durable-yet-soft canvas creation throughout a month-long sabbatical abroad, I can confirm its all-encompassing ability to streamline messily packed belongings with compartmentalized aplomb. Design highlights include multiple compartments for strategic long-weekend outfit (plus separate shoe) storage, convertible and comfortably padded straps for adaptable toting (over-shoulder or cross-body), and a pass-through sleeve for securing overtop luggage handles.

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Written by Elizabeth Buxton
Who knew that among all the Y2K throwbacks vying for a comeback during the pandemic that Abercrombie & Fitch would emerge as a leader of the pack? The former tween mall brand has made a dramatic pivot from its problematic, cologne-drenched past by installing new leadership, revamping sizing, and updating its stylistic sensibilities. I’ve tried the brand’s new and improved denim and extended sizing and found the fit of the jeans to be the best I’ve tried in a long time. My fellow-writer Jinnie Lee gushed about the denim in her review of the brand's offerings (find a link to feature below). “Though I’m normally a stiff-denim snob, I surprisingly loved the whisper of stretch that A&F weaved into these best-selling, pre-torn jeans.” Take a trip down memory lane with an early-aughts reboot that we’re actually rooting for.

Featured In: A Fashion Writer Reviews Abercrombie & Fitch’s Extended Sizes; When Did Abercrombie & Fitch Get So Good?

Written by Chichi Offor
I know what you’re thinking: Pill organizers are for Olds, right? Wrong. Cadence’s magnetic, refillable pods have become a must-pack-travel essential for this millennial, second only to my passport. (Okay, I exaggerate – but barely.) Not only are the honeycomb-shaped containers extremely stylish, but they can be used in myriad ways: To hold a weekend’s worth of meds, a three-step skin-care routine, toothpaste tablets, dainty jewelry — the list goes on. Plus, the virtually indestructible and water-tight construction (the capsules are made from recycled plastic, BTW) means that you can amicably uncouple from plastic baggies of vitamins and impractically smol bottles of free hotel shampoo and conditioner.

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Written by Karina Hoshikawa
What if you could bring the rare, luxurious scent of your favorite bougie bougie to a less-than-sexy chore like, say, washing your clothes? When Most Wanted writer Mercedes Viera discovered that indie fragrance brand Dedcool offered a line of laundry detergents infused with its unique unisex parfums, they took the signature scent, Milk, for a spin in the spin cycle, resulting in what they described as “a load of laundry that smelled like the perfection.” At $35, the cleaner doesn’t come cheap, but as Mercedes points out; think of all the times you’ve shelled out for an overpriced votive whose fragrant power is limited to a single room. Wouldn’t it be nice if Dedcool’s “light and surprisingly fresh” blend of bergamot, white musk, and amber could waft from every t-shirt and towel in your home? If you think of it as a small investment that will elevate a hum-drum weekly ritual to “heavenly” status, it’s money well spent.

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Written by Emily Ruane
Much like cilantro and chilled red wine, folks have historically had a love-hate relationship with sunscreen. We know SPF is our best wing woman against skin cancer and visible damage to our dermis, but greasy formulas and pesky breakouts don’t exactly leave us begging us for more. Here to solve all our skin woes is Supergoop!, purveyor of delightful, effective sunscreen formulas that we don't just tolerate, but genuinely look forward to applying daily. The brand’s sunny star product, Unseen Sunscreen, boasts a sun protection factor of 40 and an invisible, shine-free finish, making it a true winner in my books. Between the texture (clear and silky-smooth) and the fact that it is truly invisible on the skin it’s no surprise that the stuff has savvy beauty editors (myself included), lackadaisical dudes, and sensitive-skin types hooked for life.

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Written by Karina Hoshikawa
Golde’s inventory of organic wellness and beauty products is well-loved by Most Wanted readers, and in 2021, the Black-owned brand’s best-selling Superfood Latte Kit took the self-care cake. I had a taste of all three featured blends during Black History Month 2021 and can personally attest to each bag’s earthy-yet-sweet aromas and rich consistencies. The Original Turmeric, Cacao Turmeric, and my favorite, the Matcha Turmeric all cater to the gut, give you a boost of energy, and make you feel good for longer with a few leisurely sips. One serving of the Matcha Turmeric blend stirred into a steaming cup of oat milk got me through an eight-hour workday sans the usual stomach rumbles I get from a mug of jo. Not sure if you’ll like the taste? Just scoop up Golde’s smaller-scale Superfood Latte Sampler and brew a few cups of your newfound favorite flavor before cashing in on this worthwhile kit.

Featured In: 8 Black-Owned Self Care Goods I Swear By

Written by Alexandra Polk
Moonshot, the Black-owned food company making casual snacking sustainable, debuted the first three flavors of its climate-friendly crackers — Tomato Basil, Sourdough Sea Salt, and Rosemary Garlic — back in 2020, and after testing them out last fall, let’s just say I’ve officially joined the environmental food movement. In one 100% recyclable cardboard box, you’ll find organic non-GMO ingredients that a kindergartner could pronounce and no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. Despite such simple attributes, each cracker left waves of tasty spices and aromas on my tongue until I almost demolished an entire box in one sitting. I even went as far as to say, the non-dairy Sourdough Sea Salt crackers “taste better than my standby Cheez-its.” Order yourself an appetizing variety pack now, but you’ve been warned: one crunch and you’ll be hooked for all of 2022.

Featured In: These Climate-Friendly Crackers Made Me Put Down My Cheez-Its For Good

Written by Alexandra Polk
2021 was the year that many of us became familiar with the apéritif, a blended alcoholic beverage that boasts the multi-layered taste of a cocktail with less potent intoxicating power than your average spirit. This is in no small part thanks to Haus, a new booze imprint headquartered in Sonoma County, CA that’s responsible for a range of tasty, lower-alcohol blends that can be enjoyed solo or mixed with other tonics or sodas. After sampling their Deluxe Cocktail Kit — a set of six of the brand’s most popular flavors — Most Wanted writer Mercedes Viera called the assortment “impressive bring-to-Thanksgiving material” thanks to flavors like spiced cherry (“just the right amount of spice and warmth”), citrus flower (“a light-and-crisp flavor similar to a good-quality white wine”) and the “new fashioned” (a “fall-perfect apéritif”). The ingredients that Haus uses are as good as they sound, with that brand’s fruits, roots, herbs, and botanicals sourced directly from farmers. As Haus co-founder and CEO Helena Price Hambrech explained to Refinery29, “Like organic food, alcohol can be made with products that come from responsible, healthy farms.”

Featured In: Haus: The All-Natural & Gift-Worthy Apéritif Brand

Written by Emily Ruane

Dates: January 7 – January 31

Promo Code: R29MVP

Are you, um, “hot-blooded”? That’s how a reviewer of Cocoon by Sealy’s top-rated Chill Memory Foam mattress described themselves as they set out to road-test the cooling properties of this affordable sleeper. If you’ve done as much mattress recon as anyone on the Most Wanted team, you probably know that memory foam tends to retain heat — but as a mattress material, it’s unparalleled in its soft support and cushioning, and for a certain type of sensitive sleeper, it’s the only surface that will do. Sealy tackled this problem with its proprietary “Phase Change Material,” a mysterious-but-functional fiber that conducts heat away from your body as you slumber. “The stretch-knit cover was cool to the touch and kept our sheets crisp and chilly,” wrote the reviewer of their and their partner’s snoozing experience on the Chill model. “Neither of us woke up drenched in sweat, and we haven’t since [the first night we slept on it].”

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Written by Emily Ruane
Plant ladies come in all shapes, sizes, and most importantly, statuses. Either you’re a veteran green thumb whose living space is a symphony of potted friends or you’re still waiting for The One (ie, the one houseplant that you manage to keep alive). As someone who can barely keep a succulent alive, I was cautiously optimistic when I volunteered to nurse The Sill’s ZZ Plant as part of Most Wanted’s round-table plant website test-o-rama. The photos on The Sill’s website were utterly dreamy – lush and green as can be — and I was determined to keep my own green bb (who I affectionately named ZZ Top) alive. Thanks to water, even sunlight, and The Sill’s library of helpful tips for new plant parents, I’m pleased to announce that a year later, ZZ has never looked better. The bright, verdant leaves visually brighten up any space, large or small, and care was surprisingly low-maintenance. In other words, this The Sill bestseller is one for a reason — and one you won’t regret adding to your own apartment garden.

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Written by Karina Hoshikawa
While the blistering, isolating summer of 2020 is thankfully behind us, some habits — in the sense of both daily routines and the French term for “clothing” — that we acquired at the height of quarantine stayed with us in 2021. Specifically, the nap dress. Turns out we all really enjoyed wearing the same dress from day to night (and then to bed), and Most Wanted readers added a multitude of these sweeping, feminine frocks to their carts last year. And, while many imitators have come across our desks (see: a mysterious under-$40 iteration from Amazon) the Hill House Home original is still my go-to when I’m feeling freewheelin’ on an otherwise ho-hum day. (In fact, I am wearing an Ellie Nap Dress in black as I type this from my kitchen table.) With an easy-care cotton construction that boasts a touch of accommodating stretch, a flouncy-flattering fit, and a size range that runs from XXS to 2XS, it’s a true MVP. On the Hill House Home website, a reviewer named Emma spoke to the dress’s cult-like appeal: ”This is my third Ellie, and probably my sixth or seventh nap dress from [Hill House Home]. I love the Ellie for how comfortable it is, how it can be dressed up or down, and all the beautiful prints I can't stop collecting.”

Featured In: You Say Nap Dress, I Say Snack Dress — Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

Written by Emily Ruane

Dates: January 7 – January 14

Promo Code: 20FORR29

Our Ugg-liest gift guide of 2021 was, unsurprisingly, home to this year’s house shoe MVP: the classic Ugg shearling slipper. We could not fully experience a resurgence of the 2000s without bringing back the illustrious feel and oh-so-cozy signature look of this Australian footwear brand — especially since many of us spent a record amount of time at home again last year. And, although these shoes can cause quite a commotion in the fashion world, both lovers and haters of Ugg slippers are bound to agree at the very least that each pair’s genuine shearling lining feels like a million bucks. If you’re looking to level up your WFH couture and double down on your foot care for 2022, then scoop up one or two of these award-winning kicks.

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Written by Alexandra Polk
In 2021, I decided it was time to treat myself to something shiny that I would keep forever, wear every single day, and wouldn't cost a complete arm and a leg. After the Shopping team's resident jewelry expert (ahem, Emily Ruane) suggested the AAPI-owned and female-founded brand Kinn Studio — and it also surfaced as a reader-favorite gift over the holidays — I chose the Petite Heart Signet Ring. All of Jennie Yoon’s heirloom creations are fair trade and conflict-free, utilizing recycled materials wherever possible and drawing inspiration from vintage designs. Many pieces, including the award-winning signet ring I'm currently sporting on my pinky while I type, can be easily engraved for an even deeper level of personalized meaning. Although the price point is nothing to bat an eyelash at, I second Yoon's sentiment that these pieces are crafted "to last a lifetime—not to end up in a landfill."

Featured In: 20 Very Sweet Personalized-Jewelry Gifts

Written by Elizabeth Buxton
A head-over-heels Romeo may have queried, “Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! For I never saw true beauty till this night,” – and TBH, I get where the guy’s coming from: I myself never saw true comfy underwear until ThirdLove’s new Form Seamless undies came into my life. The nylon-spandex blend is insanely soft, and the seamless design is as close as it gets to going commando. (VPL? I don’t know her.) A ribcage-grazing waistband and retro high-cut leg make for an A+(+++) fit that moves with you, and cute jewel-tone hues make these the just about most stylish drawers in your drawer. Perhaps most importantly, though, is the fact that ThirdLove’s inviting all bodies to the panty party with a size range that extends from XS to 3X.

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Written by: Karina Hoshikawa
There are certain designers who get on our radar not just from their cool factor but because they take a slower, more thoughtful approach when it comes to releasing new products. Minimalist luxury-basics company Jenni Kayne is surely one of them, though the relaxed pace can also be attributed to the brand's general chilled-out California vibes. As a born-and-raised Angeleno, $300+ sweaters aren't my usual M.O., but once I read writer Jinnie Lee’s review of the brand's Instagram-famous Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan, I now totally get the hype. As Jinnie says: “This style staple, while definitely pricey, is the kind of investment piece you can wear forever because the premium materials will hold up, the no-fuss silhouette is trend-agnostic, and it's just freakin' comfortable to wear.” If you, like me, are someone who prefers a curated and versatile capsule wardrobe, this cozy cardi is absolutely worth a closer look.

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Written by Kate Spencer

Dates: January 7 – January 31

Promo Code: REFINERY15

Over the summer, our team noticed an unassuming quilted coat that was selling like hotcakes. (I repeat, over the summer.) The quilted nylon layer in question is Free People’s Pippa Packable Puffer Jacket, and, as the name suggests, is designed to pack inside itself. This pillowy jacket — the first-ever performance outerwear from FP Movement, the brand’s activewear line — has struck an unexpected chord with its wearers, so I and the rest of the shopping team decided to take a closer look. And I’m here to confirm, this topper is as buzzworthy as everyone says it is. Plus, the numbers are in and it looks like R29 readers feel the same.

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Written by Kate Spencer

Dates: January 7 – January 11

The best-selling sex toy of 2021 was a suction vibrator created by the cool, reader-favorite brand Dame and aptly dubbed the "Aer." After debuting last January with a now-viral review by our very own writer Mary Frances Knapp — who likened it to "getting oral from a cloud" — this award-winning device earned a coveted spot on my own nightstand. Thoughtfully engineered with five easily navigated speeds and patterns that help edge you towards climaxing without overstimulating the clitoris, the Aer boasts sentient-level sensitivity and a bedside aesthetic that feels elevated yet sincere. In short, I wholeheartedly concur with MFK's conclusion that "Alas, the clit is not a Bop It. Aer understands that."

Featured In: Dame’s Suction Vibrator Feels Like Getting Oral From A Cloud

Written by Elizabeth Buxton

Dates: January 7 – January 11

Promo Code: R29-15

Real heads know that Marc Fisher — the affordable-classic shoe brand that’s a mainstay at retailers like Nordstrom — is a hiding-in-plain site footwear gem, renowned for its quality, comfort, and sharp price points. Most Wanted writer Mercedes Viera aptly described the brand’s weather-ready boots as “tastefully edgy,” and lifestyle writer Alexandra Polk stomps around in a pair that are “comfortable and insanely cute.” When we saw readers buying up the brand’s stylishly treaded Padmia boot — which reviewers called “stylish,” “unsubtle,” “super clean and sleek,” and a “chonky delight” — during Nordstrom’s anniversary sale, it was clear we had an unquestionable MVP on our hands.

Featured in: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best-Sellers, Sellouts, And Next-Best Deals

Written by Emily Ruane

Dates: January 7 – January 11


Ready for your lashes to take the throne? Essence’s beloved Lash Princess mascara will get you there. There are countless reasons why this well-priced tube has emerged as a must-buy this year – that is, if you’re not already privy to its magical lash-boosting properties. Long before waxing poetic about beauty products full-time, I’ve always believed in the fact that amazing products shouldn’t be synonymous with expensive price tags. Having now tested countless luxury formulas, I can say with confidence that Essence’s $5 tube rivals those luxury tubes that cost five times as much. The comb-like wand separates and defines lashes like nothing else I’ve tried, and the inky-black pigment gives buildable yet dramatic definition. (Oh, and the waterproof, curl, and volume-boosting properties? They’re just as good.) Eye-catching stuff? You better believe it.

Featured In: Meet The Amazon-Favorite Mascara With Over 218,000 Reviews

Written by Karina Hoshikawa
For those that also suffer regularly from painfully irritating thigh-chafing, you know how intense and upsetting the experience can be. This past summer I got my hands on this cult-favorite anti-friction panacea. Not only did Thigh Rescue live up to all the rave reviews, but it was also truly impactful in alleviating the rough and blistery skin fate to which I’d grown accustomed. The simple cute design is deodorant-sized, smells lovely, and works impeccably well. If you are looking for a slip n’ slide-like reprieve from burning chafing sensations, then this stuff is for you.

Featured In: Megababe’s Anti-Chafing Cream Is A Thick-Thigh Holy Grail

Written by: Chichi Offor
Trendy beauty products come and go, but rare is it that a newcomer product is so truly groundbreaking (and not in the florals-for-spring way) that it makes even the most well-established legacy brands sit up and take note. Such was the case with Augustinus Bader, the eponymous high-performance skincare brand founded by a German stem cell research professor-turned-beauty-mogul. The Rich Cream, which got a 2.0 upgrade this year, has skyrocketed to cult-product status due to its potent, patented anti-aging hero ingredient and decadent, luxurious texture. Some may balk at the three-figure price tag — which yes, more closely resembles a pair of designer sneakers — but as many reviewers note, The Rich Cream is so good, it’s got them phasing out pricey serums in their routines. (Not to mention, it’s more wallet-friendly than getting Botox or in-office laser treatments at the derm.) Guten tag to a legendary beauty product in the making.

Featured In: This Luxe Cult-Favorite Moisturizer Just Got Even Better

Written by Karina Hoshikawa
Yes, organization looks good — but achieving a color-coordinated, clutter-free, and Instagram-worthy space isn't as easy as buying some acrylic bins or Marie Kondo boxes to shove your stuff in. As a newish homeowner and recovering hoarder of stuff, my biggest hack for maintaining some semblance of aesthetically pleasing order is buying products that serve a multipurpose and don't need to be tucked away. Open Spaces Entryway Rack checks all of the following boxes: it's durable, easy to assemble, comes in an assortment of seven different colorways; it can serve as a shoe rack, a plant stand, a bookshelf, a side table, or a combination of all four of those things; it's under $200 and is an actually sizeable piece. As the brand notes, "we want you to use our products for years to come – whether you’re looking to organize, decorate, reduce or showcase items that are most meaningful to you."

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Written by Elizabeth Buxton
In the past, status symbols may have included a marquee designer handbag or head-to-toe cashmere, but I’m here to make the case for a new arbiter of luxury: A bidet. A Tushy one, to be exact. While I was fortunate enough to review Tushy’s top-of-the-line electric model last year, it’s a known fact that my first love was the entry-level Classic 3.0 bidet, which gives you the same clean-booty feel at just $99. The low-fi uses freshwater (the same stuff that comes out of your faucet or shower) to gently power-wash your tush post-poop and comes in a variety of color combos to accessorize your commode. (Plus, it’s shockingly easy to install — I got mine up and running in minutes.) Where Tushy’s more advanced backdoor fountains feature extra features, the Classic has everything you need and nothing you don’t: An adjustable knob controls water pressure, and a nifty switch adjusts the water stream angle without any awkward maneuvers. But be warned, once you go Tushy, you can’t go back. As one reviewer explained, “When I'm out anywhere else without my Tushy, I REALLY miss it.”

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Written by Karina Hoshikawa
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