No Matter Your Sign, You’ll Love These Astrology Sites

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It’s no secret that astrology is having a moment among millennials and Gen Z. “Young people are facing a challenging economy, unaffordable higher education, and the stress of bullying, social media, and an uncertain future about the environmental state of the planet. Astrology and spiritual practices are incredibly grounding in the face of this,” Tali Edut, one-half of the Astro Twins, previously told Refinery29. Even if you’re not following at least a dozen astrology meme accounts yourself, you’ve probably had at least one friend tell you “you’re such a Gemini.” (Or Leo, or Taurus, or Scorpio, or any other sign.)
While astrology apps, podcasts, and the aforementioned astrology meme accounts are all on the rise, sometimes it’s easiest to learn a new skill from a website (unless Mercury retrograde takes down your wifi, that is). Whether you want to see your birth chart, learn about which traits are associated with each sign, finally figure out what an aspect is, or just read your horoscope, these sites will help you out.
Founded by Bri Luna, the Hoodwitch promises “everyday magick for the modern mystic.” That means information on witchcraft, Tarot, and plenty of astrology — not to mention a store, so you can stock up on rose quartz or buy an obsidian scrying mirror. Along with horoscopes, check out explainers on retrogrades, lunar phases, and more.
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The second and last eclipse of the summer is upon us, unleashing and unlocking the past. The lunar eclipse, which occurs July 16th, serves to reconcile the intense Capricorn New Moon from January of 2018. We are wrapping up the story that started in 2018 now. In 2018, the focus of our journey was to implement practicality in matters relating to self-love, finances, and relationships. Now, we are learning to let go of monetary and emotionally constraints that hold us back from living our best lives—without guilt and fear. Evocative and transformational Pluto, who is retrograde in Capricorn, will align with the Moon and heat up the celestial energy. Neptune, who is also retrograde in tender Pisces, will add confusion and illusions to our sentiments. These two planets will make us question our own thoughts, as they aim to push our fears to the surface of our consciousness. The fixed star Terebellum will be activated, bringing deceptions we’ve felt about ourselves to light, making us come to terms with our former insecurities. The cosmic Hell Point (the midpoint between Saturn and Pluto) is in orb for this luminary, which means that our darkest sentiments will come to light. Embracing the shadow self will be a core theme during the lunar eclipse, as we are celestially tasked to accept the sides of ourselves that we may not understand and that we have kept under wraps for some time. • Read our full article on tomorrow’s eclipse @ Artwork by Robin Isley #fullmoon #astrology #art #everydaymagic #astrología #retrograde #shadow #shadowself #spirit #collectivehealing

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This beautifully-designed site shows you your horoscope and birth chart, but also explains complicated astrological concepts in easy-to-understand language. It won’t take long for you to understand the difference between fixed, mutable, and cardinal signs. Bonus: there’s also plenty of information on tarot, numerology, and the Chinese zodiac.
Thought you had just one horoscope? Think again! offers horoscopes for love, career, money, health and more.
Cafe Astrology is probably best known for its birth charts: simply input the time, date, and location of your birth and you’ll get an explanation of your entire birth chart and what each placement means (turns out I have a conjunction moon-Lilith, which means I “favor romantic and sexual relationships, giving charm, intrigue, and intelligence”).
Founded by famous astrology Susan Miller, Astrology Zone has been up and running for 22 years. Along with Miller’s famously lengthy (and famously late) horoscopes, the website offers explainers on the planets, the signs, and the houses. Let’s be real, though: you’re here for those 40,000-word horoscopes.
While its personalized horoscope section here needs an update (gender options: male, female, and “event/other”?), offers advanced astrology articles on everything from trines to yods. Its encyclopedia-like articles are a good resource if you already know what a rising sign is and you're looking to learn more.
Run by the Astro Twins — Ophira and Tali Edut — Astro Style features daily horoscopes, compatibility guides, and numerous explainers, all in pretty pastel colors.
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?♑️Do you remember those New Year's resolutions you made way back at the beginning of 2019? Or maybe some wishes you set in motion with the Capricorn solar eclipse on January 5? Maybe…maybe not. But this Tuesday, July 16, you could hit a few of those milestones under the high beams of the Capricorn full moon, which is a galvanizing lunar eclipse! You may be surprised to discover how much traction those goals have gained since NYE. And once you make note of the progress, you’ll be motivated to hit the gas even harder. ?Since eclipses can reveal hidden opportunities, look around! An influential person may be standing by, eager to support a mission like the one you’re working on. Plans can accelerate quickly under this rocket-powered lunar lift, so keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road! ?Since this is a partial lunar eclipse, there won't be much of a shadow that's visible, but the metaphoric shadow WILL be there. This eclipse arrives at a close proximity to mysterious Pluto. Whatever's been buried in the chamber of secrets could come bubbling to the surface over the coming days. (Maybe there's a reason they call July's lunation the Full Thunder Moon!) While these eruptions can be unsettling, they can also clear away blockages to abundance, freedom and the next phase of our collective evolution. ?Swipe through to read how the eclipse affects your zodiac sign↪ . ?@grandedame . #eclipse #lunareclipse #solareclipse #capricorneclipse #fullmoon #capricornlunareclipse #capricornfullmoon #moon

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And if websites just aren't enough? There are always astrology books.

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