A Meme For Every Kind Of Mercury In Retrograde Mood

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If you feel like you're on the brink of complete and utter chaos right about now, you might have the universe to thank. Mercury is officially in retrograde, folks — from now until November 19. So what does that mean? Well, in astrology, the planet Mercury rules communication, intelligence, and timing, and during retrograde — when the planet appears to move backwards in the sky — these areas of life can tend to feel especially out of whack.
Basically, we might be in for some drama. Specifically: Exes might come out of the woodwork. Also, November 11 is an important date to note as a time that will bring extra clarity. But at least we have the internet to commiserate with. Ahead, the best Mercury-in-retrograde memes.
If you're the ex who comes back, just own it.
"Do you ever feel like a plastic bag piece of fried chicken left in the sun drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?" — Katy Perry
Take it from our favorite sad cartoon horse. And just remember: This too shall pass.
Maybe Regina George is the one orchestrating Mercury's positioning in the sky. Wouldn't put it past her.
Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened.
If this is true, just make sure you're looking for love in only the right places.
Lest you forget:

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