Analyze Your Birth Chart Like A Pro With These Astrology Books

If you’ve ever texted a parent to find out your exact birth time (hi, mine is 1:46 a.m.), you know that astrology is a whole lot more complicated than “Hey baby, what’s your sign?” There’s your sun, moon, and rising signs; the location of Mercury, Mars, and all the other planets; the houses; the gravitational center; and what does "conjunct" mean, anyway?
While there are plenty of apps, podcasts, and articles out there to help you learn the basics, sometimes there’s nothing like reading a book for teaching yourself a new skill. Sure, an online birth chart generator will tell me that my Saturn is in Capricorn, but what does that really mean?
Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s always more to learn about astrology. We’ve gone through Goodreads to find the highly-rated astrology classics, as well as intriguing new releases. Prepare to astonish your friends by knowing exactly what their moon sign indicates. And you can trust my choices: I’m a Virgo rising.

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