What It Means When Your Rising Sign Is The Same As Your Moon Sign

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
If you take away anything from a birth chart reading, let it be that your sun sign — a.k.a. the sign you most likely associate with your horoscope — is not the be-all, end-all of your personality. More accurately, it's one of three signs you should take into account. Your moon sign and your rising (or ascendant) sign are also vital parts of who you are, although they perform very different functions.
Where your moon sign reflects your inner, emotional self, your rising sign indicates your outer self, or who you appear to be when someone new first meets you. It's easy to view these two signs as opposite sides of the coin that is your personality. That's why discovering that your moon and your ascendant point are in the same sign can throw off how you understand these signs — and, in turn, your personality.
The good news is that if your moon and rising signs happen to match, this lack of variety can be a good thing. You likely have this alignment to thank for your confidence and strong sense of who you truly are. When your outer self and inner self are ruled by the same sign, your subconscious may be less of a mystery. You may find it easy to express yourself in front of strangers or set meaningful goals you know you can actually accomplish. In other words, having the same moon and rising sign actually helps you stay in touch with your emotional side, even when you're in an unfamiliar setting.
As much as this dynamic can influence your relationship with yourself, it also plays a significant role in your relationships. It's likely that your friends and loved ones rarely have to wrestle an honest opinion out of you — you're probably more of a what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of person. But this doesn't mean you always wear your heart on your sleeve (although, if your moon and rising happen to be a water sign, you may come off as a tad emotional). More often than not, you're simply less likely to conceal how you really feel for the sake of appearances.
It's up to you whether you learn more about your moon and rising signs or stick with just your sun sign, but if you've always been curious about how your emotions and behavior interact, the answer may lie in these placements. If anything, this discovery may help you understand why you can never bring yourself to tell a white lie — ahem, people with the same rising and moon sign.

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