No Matter Your Sign, You’ll Love These Astrology Sites

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It’s no secret that astrology continues to be important to millennials and Gen Z, even during these turbulent times. “Young people are facing a challenging economy, unaffordable higher education, and the stress of bullying, social media, and an uncertain future about the environmental state of the planet. Astrology and spiritual practices are incredibly grounding in the face of this,” Tali Edut, one-half of the Astro Twins, previously told Refinery29. Even if you’re not following at least a dozen astrology meme accounts yourself, you’ve probably had at least one friend tell you “you’re such a Gemini.” (Or Leo, or Taurus, or Scorpio, or any other sign.)
While astrology apps, podcasts, and the aforementioned astrology meme accounts are all on the rise, sometimes it’s easiest to learn a new skill from a website (unless Mercury retrograde takes down your wifi, that is). Whether you want to see your birth chart, learn about which traits are associated with each sign, finally figure out what an aspect is, or just read your horoscope, these sites will help you out.

The Hoodwitch

Founded by Bri Luna, the Hoodwitch promises “everyday magick for the modern mystic.” That means information on witchcraft, Tarot, and plenty of astrology — not to mention a store, so you can stock up on rose quartz or buy an obsidian scrying mirror. Along with horoscopes, check out explainers on retrogrades, lunar phases, and more.

This beautifully designed site shows you your horoscope and birth chart, but also explains complicated astrological concepts in easy-to-understand language. It won’t take long for you to understand the difference between fixed, mutable, and cardinal signs. Bonus: there’s also plenty of information on tarot, numerology, and the Chinese zodiac.

Thought you had just one horoscope? Think again! offers horoscopes for love, career, money, health and more.

Cafe Astrology

Cafe Astrology is probably best known for its birth charts: simply input the time, date, and location of your birth and you’ll get an explanation of your entire birth chart and what each placement means (turns out I have a conjunction moon-Lilith, which means I “favour romantic and sexual relationships, giving charm, intrigue, and intelligence”).

Astrology Zone

Founded by famous astrology guru Susan Miller, Astrology Zone has been up and running for over 20 years. Along with Miller’s famously lengthy (and famously late) horoscopes, the website offers explainers on the planets, the signs, and the houses. Let’s be real, though: you’re here for those 40,000-word horoscopes.

While its personalised horoscope section here needs an update (gender options: male, female, and “event/other”?), offers advanced astrology articles on everything from trines to yods. Its encyclopeadia-like articles are a good resource if you already know what a rising sign is and you're looking to learn more.

Astro Style

Run by the Astro Twins — Ophira and Tali Edut — Astro Style features daily horoscopes, compatibility guides, and numerous explainers, all in pretty pastel colours.
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