Your Love Horoscope For 2022 Is Here, & These Are The Dates When Luck Is On Your Side

We're entering a brand-new year with hope in our hearts. We begin 2022 with Venus in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, a movement that asks us to be cautious in our romantic relationships and encounters. But when Venus, the Planet of Love, Beauty, and Money, stations direct in practical Capricorn on 29th January, we're ready to climb out of our shells and embrace exciting new possibilities. If you're single, you'll feel supported by the flirtatious powers of this intoxicating planet. If you're in a relationship, you could be inspired to heat things up with your partner and create financial stability. 
Prepare yourself for a surprise on 17th February, when lucky Jupiter forms a sweet sextile with chaotic Uranus. If you've been looking to reignite your fire, you could be motivated to put extra effort into finding love. You may feel drawn towards people who challenge your thinking. Bountiful Jupiter forms a conjunction with dreamy Neptune on 12th April, helping to open our hearts and minds. But hold off on making any relationship decisions on this day, as our minds aren't particularly detail-oriented under this transit. 
Two solar eclipses come our way in 2022, offering new chances for love — the first on 30th April in stable Taurus and the second on 25th October in sensitive Scorpio. If you're single, keep an eye out for new faces that come into your world around these times — you might just meet someone great. In a relationship? These eclipses could help you to push your relationship forward in an exciting new direction. Unavoidable truths are revealed around the lunar eclipses on 16th May in serious Scorpio and 8th November in stubborn Taurus. Pay close attention to the themes that these signs highlight in your relationships. It's up to you to break negative cycles.
Learn to trust the universe on 3rd May, when expansive Jupiter creates a sextile with transformative Pluto. This hopeful transit will inspire you to make a daring change for the better. If you're single, the effects of this movement could draw you closer to a special someone if you're willing to put in a little effort. Attached? Make positive strides towards strengthening your bond with your partner as you navigate this energy.

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