This Is When Mercury Will Be In Retrograde In 2022

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It's a new year, and you know what that means — there's a new cycle of Mercury retrogrades for us to get through. Since 2021's retrogrades were pretty chaotic, I decided to look ahead at 2022 to see exactly when the Planet of Communication's backwards dances will descend upon us, to help you get ahead of the astrological game.
The Planet of Communication's backwards spin always sends us into a tizzy: we experience difficulties with technology, our personal connections and communications get wonky, and even our travel plans go haywire. But on the brighter side, these transits also give us an opportunity to reflect and, if we take advantage of them, to plan out changes that could make our lives happier.
Mercury retrogrades three to four times a year — more than any other planet in our solar system — and the planet is relatively close to our own. As a result, the Rx energy is noticeable, and it plagues us pretty often. In 2022, Mercury will retrograde four times, which means that "we will be experiencing major cosmic shifts and changes throughout the year," according to Lisa Stardust, the author of Saturn Return Survival Guide and The Astrology Deck.
What's more, while Mercury usually tracks backward in just one element a year, in 2022, three of the four Rxs will occur in two elements: air and earth. What does that mean for you? According to Stardust, we can expect to examine the way we handle materialistic things and our finances this year. It's all about the money, honey.

The dates Mercury will retrograde in 2022 in Australia are:

January 14 to February 3. From January 14 to January 25, the retrograde will occur in the sign of Aquarius; from January 25 to February 3, it will shift into Capricorn. The pre-retrograde shadow (which is the time before the retrograde officially kicks off, when we may already start feeling the effects of the movement) will begin on December 29, 2021 and the post-retrograde shadow ends on February 23.
May 10 to June 3. From May 10 to May 22, the retrograde will take place in in Gemini; from May 22 to June 3, it will cross into Taurus. The pre-retrograde shadow will begin on April 25, and the post-retrograde shadow ends on June 18.
September 9 to October 2. From September 9 to September 23, Mercury retrograde will be in Libra; from September 23 to October 2, it will be in Virgo. The pre-retrograde shadow will begin on August 22, and the post-retrograde shadow ends on October 16.
December 29 to January 18, 2023 in Capricorn. The pre-retrograde shadow will begin on December 12, and the post-retrograde shadow ends on February 23, 2023.
Take these dates, add them to your 2022 calendar, and plan for the year ahead. As we mentioned, Mercury retrograde isn't all bad, but it can cause some chaos, and preparing for what's to come can help you handle it with grace — and even to come out on top. "Retrogrades are a time of reflection and somewhat erratic activity — not necessarily the doom and gloom that we all think," Stardust points out. "If used correctly, we can make major changes in our lives that will affect us for years to come in amazing ways."
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