Chloe Fineman Bought Her First Botox With A Groupon

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I didn't think I'd have a lot in common with Chloe Fineman, a 33-year-old SNL comedian who can impersonate both Britney Spears and Drew Barrymore on command. I can't even bring myself to do karaoke. But Fineman is not a loud or in-your-face kind of funny — her humor and wit comes out in conversation. I also learned that she is a very much a beauty girl.
In honor of her new partnership with Pantene, I had the pleasure of Zooming with Fineman. It's early morning and she's wearing a very-good Zoom outfit: a red-and-green floral Gucci dress with a black velvet pussy bow (which, following our call, I Googled and found on TheRealReal). Her rooted blonde hair is pulled back in a bouffant half-up with her new Brigitte Bardot-inspired bangs framing her forehead, and dainty diamond huggie hoops climbing up both ears. Ahead, we chat about life: How her boyfriend turned her into someone who wears Dickies, unironically; where she gets her hair cut and colored; her skin-care advice for someone in their mid-20s, which includes a story about the time she bought Botox off a Groupon.
Refinery29: You’ve recently been called a 'Style star to watch in 2022.' How do you think about personal style and how would you describe yours?
Chloe Fineman: My personal style is always evolving. When I find something I like, I go overboard. So right now, I have a million collared shirts. I remember when I started dating my boyfriend, like three years ago, he was like, 'Another puffy sleeve?' Then, since dating him, I started wearing Dickies, which have never been my thing. Also, I've like always wanted people to think I'm French; I got bangs recently because my friend was telling me it was a French thing. I'm also really girly, I like puffs and bows, all of that.
R29: Who did your bangs, they're so cute!
CF: My friend Glen Ellis; he does Tinx's hair, too. I basically wanted Brigitte Bardot hair.
R29: That's exactly what it looks like. What do you do for color?
CF: I go to Jacob Schwartz. He does Alex Cooper, the Call Her Daddy girl. He makes her like white blonde and she's there every week. But he's really the best.
R29: What's your POV on makeup?
CF: I'm a makeup whore. I don't wear it much during the week, but I have this media cabinet from Anthropologie, it's like a console that's suppose to be filled with tech stuff, but it's just filled with makeup.
I love Pat McGrath. Years ago, my sister and I would get each other Pat McGrath makeup for birthdays and holidays, so we've collected stacks of her stuff. I also like Hourglass, the highlighter compact. I also love the Rouje Lip Palette and then Mario [Dedivanovic] has this lip shade called Brielle that I've been wearing everyday. Mascara is always changing; I really like Marc Jacobs Beauty one, but I don't know what's going on with that brand now. I also like Kevyn Aucoin; I talk about the Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler like a crazy lady.
R29: What about eyebrows? You have great brows.
I used to go to Striiike in L.A. and do a tinting. But more recently, there's this woman Michele Holmes in the Bay Area, I go to her and she has this brow serum that I really like. I don't really do pencils. I usually just get them professionally tinted. I have to be careful because sometimes I'll look like Eugene Levy. I tried to tint them myself over quarantine and it was a mess.
R29: What do you do for skincare?
CF: Skincare is my favorite thing in the world. I like Tracie Martyn for facials; It's like, of a time, and reminds me of Madonna. I also really like the Tracie Maryn face wash and that blue mask. I also like Dr. Sturm; For my birthday, I paid like $300 for her anti-aging serum and I see a difference. Also, Augustinus Bader Rich Cream is a game-changer. I also really like Kat Burki, that vitamin C moisturizer is my favorite.
R29: Do you have tattoos and piercings?
CF: I have a little tattoo on my arm. It says, 'quand même' — like, I literally have a 'meme' written on my arm — but it means, 'Nevertheless, keep going.' I got it in France in the basement of this guy I found on Instagram. I also have a a few piercings on each ear and love the hoops. I have this Maria Tash earring in right now. Kristen Wiig has a great ear game that I was admiring the other day.
R29: I'm also curious, what's it like acting on SNL and then watching yourself back? Do ever feel self-critical?
CF: Actually, I think it has helped me chill out a lot. I have such a good makeup artist on SNL, this woman named Daniella [Zivkovic], and I look so shitty beforehand, but she puts on lashes, and my brows get filled in, and there's good lighting. I definitely learned that the pictures you see in a magazine are not real. I mean, it's made me appreciate makeup. Also SNL is kind of the dream job because you get to wear wigs.
R29: How do you style your hair on your own?
CF: Off the show, I use a ghd hair wand to get curls super fast. I never learned how to do that thing with a hair straighter to get a curl. I'm also a hair-clip person. I want to get those big velvet bows. 
R29: How do you think that your approach to beauty has changed as you've gotten older?
CF: Lasers! I'm 33 and around 28 I was like, 'Wait, everyone gets Botox?' Suddenly it was this big conspiracy. In the pandemic, I got it for the first time. I was like, 'Great, I'm home for 6 months, it's the time.' The guy did way too much. I did it on a Groupon, which was stupid. I snuck out of the house and didn't tell my boyfriend. Now, I don't really get it anymore because I don't want my face to be frozen.
R29: So, a Botox lesson learned. What kind of lasers do you get?
CF: I got Fraxel this summer, before the MET Gala. I didn't research it. The doctor was asking me if I wanted nitrous oxide and I didn't take it and it really hurt — but it made a huge difference. Right afterwards I looked like that fire scene in Little Rascals; I had to cancel a show at The Groundlings because I was going to scare people. But this is kind of the perfect time to do it because you can cover your face with a face mask and a hat

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