How These 3 Sisters Are Changing The Beauty Industry

Photographed by Molly Cranna.
The term "family business" can feel a bit fraught, bringing to mind images of children reluctantly following in their parents' footsteps to take over the deli/law practice/insurance firm rather than chasing their dreams to study film in Europe. Striiike — a salon and creative space in Los Angeles run by three sisters, who each take a different slice of the beauty pie — is not that type of family business.
Chances are you've heard of at least one of them, if not all three. Jenn, the oldest, is a seasoned makeup artist with a killer reputation and an enviable roster of clients, including Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway, and Lily James. Kristie, who is in the middle, is a brow wiz and the visionary behind the beauty industry's current favorite look: the bold, bushy, feathered arch. Ashley, the baby, is the hairstylist behind the manes of some of Hollywood's favorite guys and gals, from John Krasinski to Kiernan Shipka and Alicia Vikander. At Striiike, the three sisters work side by side, sharing the belief that beauty is all about accentuating your natural features. "Beauty as a whole is moving in this 'more natural' direction, and I'd like to think that my sisters and I have a big part in that," Kristie says.
But as anyone with siblings knows, people with the same genetic material can be very different — and that's the case with the Streicher sisters. We photographed Jenn, Kristie, and Ashley at Striiike alongside a few of their favorite things, and then asked them for product reccs, tips, and the hardest part about being in business with your sisters. Hint: Therapy is involved. Of course, that secret sauce of personalities is also behind Striiike's success. Ahead, meet the Streichers.

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