Selling Sunset‘s Christine Quinn Talks Us Through Her Iconic Home

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It was the show that gave us exclusive access into the multi-million dollar homes of the rich and famous, and now MTV Cribs is back, taking us inside the home of reality TV's rising stars. Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn, known for her sky-high Louboutins, blonde locks, and fierce personality, gives us a glimpse into her lavish Los Angeles home for the first time in the reboot.
The popular show, which first aired in 2000, gave us a closer look at the lavish homes of celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, and Kim Kardashian. Now the reboot has gone international and this series features Caitlin Jenner, Gemma Collins, and rapper Stefflon Don.
On this week's episode, Christine Quinn, the Queen of The Oppenheim Group on Selling Sunset, walks us through her multi-million dollar home that she shares with her husband, retired tech entrepreneur Christian Richard.
Christine wore a strapless, 1950s dress for the show, and told cameras that she "loves things that are dripping in gold" and revealed that she also owns over 400 Louboutin shoes. The program also shows a real-life tiger chilling in Christine and Christian's back garden, which she claims is for security purposes, while her fridge was filled with bottles of wine, water, and Red Bull.
Ahead, we caught up with the 31-year-old bombshell who talked us through her over-the-top interiors, her scary-but-friendly house guest, and her future plans to skyrocket to stardom.
Congratulations on making it onto the MTV Cribs reboot. How do you feel?
You know it's so exciting and it's such an iconic show. I really loved watching it growing up. I remember the show so vividly with Missy Elliott and Mariah Carey and all these people. So when they asked me, I was thrilled. I thought, Oh god, does that mean I've made it? Nothing else mattered.
What was the best part about filming MTV Cribs at your house?
The best part was honestly about sharing my home, I never get to do that. Even on the show you only get to show certain parts. So much has changed since we renovated our house so it was amazing. It was filmed a while ago, right before the pandemic. It feels like forever.
Your house is incredible. It definitely made us feel extremely poor. Did you broker the house yourself?
You're so sweet. I had the listing on this home ages ago, so I did the deal, I got the house, the man, and the commission. What else could you ask for?
Let's talk about the elephant, or should I say, tiger in the room. Lucifer made a cameo in the show. Talk us through that. Is he really yours?
It was a joke. But everyone knows our house and we get people recognizing that it's our house because of Selling Sunset. We have security guards, and they have mentioned to us that people aren't really afraid of dogs. Most people have German Shepherds. So I was joking around and said maybe we should get a tiger. Wouldn't that be cool? Let's do it. So we did [laughs].
It was definitely a jaw-dropping moment. It was very Christine.
It was so fun. He was just a big cuddly friend on set. I wasn't terrified at all. He was so nice and just sitting there not on a leash or anything.
How did your little dogs respond?
They were fine with it — even though they're tiny, they're very bold. They like to think they are Dobermans for some reason. They are very small; and they definitely have Jason and Brett syndrome [laughs].
That's hilarious. Tell us about your amazing bathroom — do you actually have a lot of people in your shower?
You know what's funny is that I don't even use that shower. I use the shower in the guest bathroom because that big shower wastes a lot of water and it's annoying. I have only maybe showered in there a few times.
And your gold leaf filled bath. You told Mariah Carey to eat her heart out. I think we all screamed.
I'm not trying to do a Mariah Carey [laughs], I was just being silly. But I discovered gold leaf from a party and I thought it was so bold. I told my party planner that I needed it everywhere, I wanted tons of it. She was like, it's just for drinks but I said it could be for anything. I really liked that.
What else do you use to relax in the bath? Any oils or bubbles?
I love sage, actually and CBD to relax. I also love bath bombs.
I was hoping to see your shelfie situation, but your bathroom was so immaculate. Can you talk us through your beauty routine?
I hid it because I was so horrified by the amount that I have. I put my perfumes on the counter but even then there were a million of them. There was too much stuff. But my beauty products across the board range from Kérastase and La Mer to Charlotte Tilbury. I really love Origins too. You name it, I have it.
What are your favorite perfumes?
One of my favorite perfumes right now is by Lancôme, the really thin one. It smells so fresh and fruity. It's gorgeous.
Your fridge. Let's talk through it. You only have champagne and water. Do you even cook in your kitchen?
[Laughs] I do. I just don't like to waste food so what I do is I order what I'm going to make that night and then cook it. I don't like eating leftovers. So for breakfast, I just get a Starbucks and I eat a yogurt. But I don't like keeping extra food in the house.
What are the things you like to cook and eat?
I love making pasta. It's my favorite thing in the world. I make a really good carbonara with salted bacon and cheese, and I love to do that and a good salad, and definitely a chocolate dessert.
You only have two chairs on the dining table, so dinner parties are clearly not in the cards for you. But your games and movie room are exciting. What are your favorite films to watch?
I actually haven't watched a horror film in so long but I used to really be obsessed with the Hostel series and I loved the Saw franchise. I was in my 20s when they came out and loved going to the cinema to watch them. I love gore. But I also love watching lipo shows and stuff.
And we can't ignore the two outfits you wore on the show. You looked stunning. Who made them?
My amazing dress was an outfit that Julian Mendez custom designed. He dresses Beyonce. I told him I wanted to do a 1950s housewife vibe so that was the second dress I wore on the show. The first one I told him that I wanted a mistress-who-just-killed-her-husband vibe, so he was like, "Yeah, I've got you." I wanted to make it different.
How did your husband feel about your vision there?
He loves it. There was a part of me that didn't know if he was going to be in the episode because he doesn't like being on camera, so I didn't ask him, I just let him come to me. I wanted to see if he would come down to the bar area, otherwise, I would've gone Carole Baskin on him with the tiger [laughs]. But he did. I was disappointed I didn't get to do that though.
We're relieved for him too... Your wedding dress also made a cameo. How could we forget that gothic ensemble? We had hoped you would put it on for us.
I don't know if I could've put it on myself, there are so many layers. But I placed it in my styling room, it's so gorgeous.
Your style is very gothic Barbie, but then you come out with this dark side. Do you have a dark side to your personality?
Definitely. I'm very bubble gum pop on the outside but I'm dark on the inside. There are many layers to me.

I have a fashion line that I'm coming out with. I'm so excited, it's in the works right now and I can't wait to share it with you guys.

Christine Quinn
We spotted some gorgeous homewares in your house. How did you choose those?
It took us a long time. We worked collaboratively with our designers and came up with a theme and color. We actually went shopping and visited some showrooms and picked out the designers that we liked. The couch we have is from a designer in Switzerland and it took just nine months to make. We found loads of other stuff like this cool PVC chair that looks like plastic melting down. That was made by an Italian designer and it was the only one. It just seemed very us.
So, Christine, what is next for you? Will we see more of you on our screens?
Definitely. I have a fashion line that I'm coming out with. I'm so excited, it's in the works right now and I can't wait to share it with you guys. I have so many things I'm working on behind the scenes. But I want to be on television more. I love making people laugh, inspiring people, it's so fun for me. I want to keep doing Selling Sunset and real estate. But I don't know, something grand.
Photo Courtesy Of MTV Cribs
I can definitely see you presenting.
That would be fun. Remember the Chelsea Handler show? I've always wanted to do something like that.
The Christine Quinn Show. We'd definitely tune in. Who would be your first guest?
Meghan Markle. I love her. I just love her personality, I think she's so sophisticated, so smart, raw, and honest. She started from the bottom and is now at the top. It's an amazing story. I'm just gutted that she married everyone's husband!
Continue to tune into MTV Cribs Monday at 8 p.m. or catch up with Christine's episode on MTV Play.

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