The All-Time Best Celebrity Moments On MTV Cribs

Photo: Courtesy of MTV.
Peak 2000s was an era to remember. Like, we guarantee you'll feel nostalgia as soon as you hear the opening notes of the theme song and see slow-motion shots of mansions bigger than you can comprehend. That's right: MTV Cribs. The hit show that gave us a real look into the lifestyles of the rich and famous.
There was a private island, a diva in a bathtub, a rapper licking the soles of never-worn sneakers, and so much more. Cribs was an early aughts classic, and there are some episodes we could never forget, and then some we couldn't believe we'd forgotten. Like — spoiler alert — did you know that Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle all used to live together while in Destiny's Child — with Bey's parents and sister Solange? Or that Mariah Carey had an entire room in her penthouse dedicated to fan mail?
If, like us, you're eager to walk down memory lane into MTV Cribs, we've rounded up some of the show's best moments, ever. So while we can't personally welcome you into a house like any of these (New York rent is really high, okay?), we can welcome you to our slideshow. Enjoy.

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