The All-Time Best Celebrity Moments On MTV Cribs

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Peak 2000s was an era to remember. Like, we guarantee you'll feel nostalgia as soon as you hear the opening notes of the theme song and see slow-motion shots of mansions bigger than you can comprehend. That's right: MTV Cribs. The hit show that gave us a real look into the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

There was a private island, a diva in a bathtub, a rapper licking the soles of never-worn sneakers, and so much more. Cribs was an early aughts classic, and there are some episodes we could never forget, and then some we couldn't believe we'd forgotten. Like — spoiler alert — did you know that Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle all used to live together while in Destiny's Child — with Bey's parents and sister Solange? Or that Mariah Carey had an entire room in her penthouse dedicated to fan mail?

If, like us, you're eager to walk down memory lane into MTV Cribs, we've rounded up some of the show's best moments, ever. So while we can't personally welcome you into a house like any of these (New York rent is really high, okay?), we can welcome you to our slideshow. Enjoy.

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The Osbournes
The first-ever episode of Cribs was an episode that would later launch the Osbourne family into even more fame. That's right: The inaugural episode in 2000 offered viewers a first-ever look into the home of Ozzy Osbourne; his wife, Sharon; and kids Kelly and Jack, before their reality show. (We can't believe how young the kids were back then! Babies!). There were gothic devil's heads, an at-home gym, and candles a'plenty — and, of course, that moment when Ozzy, um, tongued his dog. Did you expect anything else from the Prince of Darkness?
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Destiny's Child
Long before sharing multiple homes across the world with husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy, Beyoncé shared a Houston home with bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, as well as her sister, Solange, and her parents. The house featured VH1 collections, lots of Popeyes, and perhaps best of all, Beyoncé's Arabian Nights-themed bedroom.

Bey, by the way, was very excited that the house had an intercom. (We're sure she has plenty of those in her houses now.) Fun fact: Solange's room was separate from the rest of the house (in a converted garage). During the episode, the girls fanned out over the fact that they got to meet *NSYNC, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears at a pre-Grammy party. Oh, how times have changed.
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Melissa Joan Hart
Does anything sound more early aughts than Melissa Joan Hart in a midriff-revealing top while showing off her Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Shirley Temple art-filled home? And when we say filled, we mean filled: The actress had plenty of Sabrina paraphernalia, but her house was truly a temple (pun intended) to Shirley.

We're talking an entire wall of Shirley Temple sheet music, framed photos, and a room featuring some borderline-creepy Shirley-inspired dolls. Don't worry, though. Sabrina got lots of love, most impressively with a "Witches' Brew"-themed bar area. The teenage witch would have been proud.
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Aaron Carter
Remember when Aaron Carter used to wear bandanas and backwards hats? If not, allow us to refresh your memory. This was during the brief period where he began his transformation from from Nick Carter's little brother to full-blown pop star.

And back in 2003, this apparently meant rocking a Tupac T-shirt while giving a tour of his family's über-Floridian mansion. (Like, it doesn't get much more Florida than this.) Of course, Aaron had his very own "wing" in the house that included a living room with shag-carpet-covered walls and a "love shack" with animal-print bedding and stuffed animals. Yup.
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Fat Joe
Perhaps one of Cribs' most infamous moments came from the episode at rapper Fat Joe's house. Yes, in '00s rapper-style, there were the requisites: A gym, pool, and plenty of space. But Joe quickly became known for the Cribs tour of his closet, where he licked the bottom of a pair of white Air Force Ones...because "you never rock the same pair twice."

Yes, you read that correctly. Fat Joe once licked the bottom of his sneakers to demonstrate the fact that he only ever wears them once. Ah, the '00s.
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Naomi Campbell
Cribs once took a trip down to Jamaica to check out where a supermodel lets her hair down. Naomi Campbell showed off her open-air, three-bedroom villa, which was previously owned by the writer of the James Bond films.

At first, you might think the house is relatively humble compared to other episodes — until you get to the deck overlooking the ocean, the outdoor shower, bar, barbecue area, and the extra room she had built away from the main house just because she had too many guests. Oh yea, and the private beach. And the private forest of trees that were planted by famous guests, like Pierce Brosnan. Naomi, if you still live there, we're always up for volunteering to garden in the tropics.
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Ja Rule
We don't know about you guys, but the name Ja Rule instantly takes us back to the early '00s. Rule let the Cribs cameras into his house on Miami's Star Island, which featured a gorgeous outdoor entry area with a fountain and a huge backyard, where the cast of Fast and the Furious just so happened to drop by during the episode...but the best part?

After this episode aired, viewers learned that the huge house the rapper was showing off wasn't even his — but a rental. And the actual owner of the house sued MTV for filming there without permission. Scandal!
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50 Cent
For Cribs, the rapper gave a tour of his garage (filled with plenty of over-the-top rides, as to be expected), as well as his house. (We're going to choose to ignore the segment where he shows off his toy cars, which are for "little boys," and then comments that little girls get dolls and toy kitchens. Eye roll.)

Perhaps the most mind-blowing thing about 50's episode, however, was his walk-in closet. This was not just any walk-in closet, but a walk-in sneaker closet, featuring kicks in basically every color of the rainbow. Only 50 Cent.
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Tony Hawk
The pro skater admitted in his episode that the entire SoCal house was (tastefully, we'll agree) decorated by his then-wife. Aside from the $125,000 check from when he won Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the most impressive thing at Hawk's house was a tall cabinet full of video game consoles, as well as all the outdoor sports-related areas, including a tennis-and-basketball court and a beach area for boating and water activities. Sweet.
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Lil Wayne
One could only expect that Lil Wayne's New Orleans mansion would be over-the-top. But it was actually pretty low-key, minus a few Wayne touches: A Tony Montana-inspired white sectional sofa, a mirror-covered entertainment center (which opened up via remote control into a shelving unit displaying Wayne's miniature car collection), and a nightstand covered in his "bling bling:" diamonds probably amounting to more money than any of us will ever see in our lifetimes.

Don't worry, he made sure to take a moment to remind us all that he is the originator of the term "bling." Lessons from Weezy.
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Lil' Romeo
Perhaps the most ridiculous episode of Cribs award goes to Master P's son, Romeo, simply for the fact that he had his own very own four-bedroom, six-bathroom home — at the age of 12. And it didn't stop there: His house, situated behind his father's own Texas mansion, included a recording studio, pool, arcade, custom cars, and walls with built-in aquariums. Not to mention there were also Picasso paintings, a chandelier from Italy, and a movie theater — all in the "mini" house.

Don't worry, Romeo was smart about his casa: "I still live with my mom and pops," he said. "I invest a lot of money in this house, so in the future, I'll be all right." Well, at least there was that.
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Hugh Hefner & The Playboy Mansion
Episode host Kimora Lee Simmons (another early '00s MTV staple) called the 20,000-square-foot, 26-room property the most famous house, ever...and she was probably right. During the tour, Hefner and then-girlfriend Holly introduced us to the theater/living room (where Austin Powers was playing!) and huge kitchen, which had its own staff and compared "very favorably with a four-star restaurant," according to Hef.

Things seemed pretty tame until all seven of Hef's girlfriends joined him in his bedroom — where panties were hanging from the ceiling. Hefner also toured his zoo, party-game room, and, of course, the grotto (where Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit was hanging out. Again, peak '00s.) Sadly for the playmates, earlier this year, a now-90-year-old Hefner sold the mansion for $100 million — quite the asking price.
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Richard Branson
The billionaire entrepreneur still holds the top spot for the priciest pad ever featured on Cribs. As founder of The Virgin Group, Branson has racked up quite the bank account over the years and you can see the results in his 10-bedroom, 10-bathroom oasis on the private Necker Island in the Caribbean, which he bought when he was 24. (No big deal.)

There's a dance floor, multiple bars, huge bathtubs, hammocks, outdoor bathrooms, and lots of guesthouses overlooking the turquoise ocean. Don't worry, there are spots available to stay in if you'd like — if, say, you're someone like fellow Cribs VIP Mariah Carey, who showed up in the episode herself.
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Mariah Carey
Bow down to the Queen of MTV Cribs. Carey's Tribeca penthouse made such waves when her special hour-long episode aired that it's been replayed over and over, spawned dozens of GIFs, and even spawned a second version, featuring special narration by Carey.

The tour showed Mimi taking a bath (while in a towel) in her huge tub, walking through her massive stiletto-filled closet, and, of course, that butterfly-themed guest room filled with her fan mail. There was even a cameo from her cat and dog, who proceeded — as if on cue — to fight for the camera. It's Mariah's world; we're just living in it.
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