29 Goods Refinery29 Readers Shopped The MOST In October (13 Are On Sale!)

October turned out to be a bright shopping month in the midst of a dark 2020: it brewed ample weather for wearing sweaters; it hosted our first-ever MVP Awards; it brought us Amazon Prime Day, along with a bunch of other really good deals. So, what are we going to do now that November's here with its shorter days and dizzying gift-buying agendas? The same thing we do every end-of-month, try to take over the world your shopping carts! If you've recovered from that Pinky and the Brain reference, let's get down to the most wanted business of spotlighting last month's top-bought goods.
If you're new here, then let us give you the spiel on how exactly we put this product hodgepodge together. After collecting anonymous shopping data from top-performing stories over the past month, we painstakingly crunched those numbers to yank out 29 bestselling buys that were carted by real Refinery29 readers. Maybe it was you who ordered the half-gallon motivational water bottle. Or, perhaps it was your friend who scored Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray on sale. It's also possible that you don't recognize a single thing on this list — and, if that's the case, then you're in for one wild shopping ride (filled with 13 deals!). Sit tight and click on down the October 2020 Road.
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