Shows You Loved In The '90s (But Completely Forgot About)

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
In case you weren’t around to do much TV watching in the 1990s, please allow me to set the scene for you. In order to watch your favorite show in, say, 1995, you had to be in front of your television at the exact time when it aired. None of this DVR nonsense. Nor could you easily stream the show later on Hulu through your Roku. In fact, if you were to utter words like “Hulu” and “Roku” to a person in 1995, they would think you were cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Or, that you had mispronounced the name of the popular Hawaiian dance.
Maybe that’s why there’s an extra patina of warmth surrounding the nostalgia for these shows from the ‘90s. They’re not the ones that immediately spring to mind when you start to think about what you watched during that decade (or perhaps caught in reruns on Nick at Night in the 21st century). Once you’re prompted to recall them, though, the fond memories start flooding back. Why did that show go off the air? you’ll find yourself wondering. I used to watch it every Saturday morning.
So, please join us for a trip down memory lane as we recall some of the best forgotten TV shows of the ‘90s. Use this refrain to get your memory going: “Surf dudes with attitudes…kinda groovy, laid back mood.”

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