Hannah B. & Tyler Just Spilled Major Tea About Their Relationship — & Future

Photo: Mark Bourdillon/ABC via Getty Images.
After months — are we sure it isn't years? — of rumors and reading into every picture and TikTok between The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron, we finally got firsthand accounts from the TV stars themselves about what exactly went down between them.
Brown posted a video to her recently-launched YouTube channel called "What Really Happened," which at the time of publication already is at half a million views. In the 17-minute video, the Dancing With The Stars winner sits down with her former flame Cameron, and both candidly explain the evolution of their relationship post-Bachelorette until now.
Basically, they weren't talking for a while after The Bachelorette and the messy little fling they had after (they seemed to have had a little something and then he dated Gigi Hadid – it was a whole thing). And then around March, both of them experienced traumatic events: Cameron's mother passed away, and Brown's brother overdosed on drugs and went to rehab. They started talking again, and Brown attended his mother's funeral.
"We were both going through things so we became each other’s support system all of a sudden," Cameron said. “It’s always good to have someone outside your family who knows you in a different way," Brown continued, "but I think there was also a problem in that a little bit. We came together in trauma. We got close emotionally in that.”
Long story short, quarantine for COVID-19 was just starting when Brown decided to go to Florida for a little bit, not knowing how long it would last. "I say I traded Tyler’s trauma for mine, but I also wanted to be there for you," Brown told Cameron. They admitted that they were both leaning into the fact that the fans and media assumed they were dating, but they also hated the pressure people were putting on them. They were just trying to "figure it out" as Cameron puts it (a phrase Brown is clear she hates).
“[There was] pressure of everyone saying this is a relationship, but really, we were just trying to work on our friendship," Cameron said. The two even admitted, laughing, that despite spending 18 days in the same bed, they never kissed once.
Living together with six other people got to intense for Brown however (she even said it made her so anxious she couldn't poop), so she finally got out of Jupiter, Florida and headed home.
And now? They still claim they're trying to be friends, but Brown's flirty body language towards Cameron throughout the entire video looks a bit like something else.
See for yourself in the full video below.

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