Netflix Has A Huge New Competitor. Here’s Every Star-Studded Quibi Show You Need To Know

Sophie Turner. Darren Criss. Rachel Brosnahan. Chrissy Tiegen. Every single one of these celebrities has a show on a streaming network — and we’re not talking about Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. These A-listers also have upcoming TV shows on Quibi. 
Haven’t heard of Quibi? Well, that’s because it hasn’t debuted yet. The streaming subscription service is scheduled to premiere in April 2020. Unlike its competitors, Quibi a mobile-only platform that will serve up short-form content rather than hour-and-a-half-long episodes. That’s why Quibi is short for “Quick Bites.” 
Since it currently feels like new Quibi content is announced every other day, it’s difficult to keep track of what shows are coming and who is actually in them. To make streaming easy, we’ve made a full guide to all the ones worth caring about.
Keep reading to find which series you’re going to want to binge, who is in the cast, and when they’ll premiere.

When the Streetlights Go On

Who is in the cast?: Streetlights is packed with young talent, including It's Chosen Jacobs, relative newcomer Sophie Thatcher, and EastEnders alum Sam Strike. Low-key queen of streaming teen content Kristine Froseth — of Looking for Alaska, The Society, and Sierra Burgess Is A Loser fame — also appears, as does The Morning Show's Mark Duplass.
What is it about?: What happens to a town after a horrific murder. Set in the 1990s, Streetlight questions how a group of high schoolers cope after one of their own is brutally murdered.
Premiere date: Monday, April 6. 

Kirby Jenner

Who is in the cast?: “Kirby Jenner,” the fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner and executive producer on the celebrity reality series. The rest of the Kardashian-Jenner family will also appear, including Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and fellow EP Kris Jenner. 
The Kirby Jenner Instagram account currently has 1.2 million followers.
What is it about?: Continuing the Keeping Up With the Kardashians brand. Kirby Jenner will introduce the world to “Kirby,” the so-called “unsung hero” of the KUWTK clan. The docuseries — which will likely serve as a Kardashians parody — revolves around “Kirby's” daily life and familial entanglements.
Premiere date: TBA. 

Most Dangerous Game

Who is in the cast?: Liam Hemsworth leads the thriller. Christoph Waltz, one of the 21st century Hollywood's best bad guys, unsurprisingly plays the villain.
What is it about?: A desperate man named Dodge Maynard (Hemsworth), who has a pregnant wife (Alias Grace's Sarah Gadon) and terminal. cancer diagnosis. Hoping to ensure his family's financial stability after his death, Dodge agrees to be the subject of a 24-hour manhunt. If he survives, the Maynards will be up to $24.5 million richer.
Premiere date: Monday, April 6. 

Murder House Flip 

Who is in the cast?: Luxury home renovators Mikel Welch and Joelle Uzyel host the chilling lifestyle show. Murder House Flip comes from Josh Berman, the executive producer of CSI, and Penny Dreadful EP Chris King. 
What is it about?: Melding together three things everyone loves: true crime, American Horror Story, and HGTV shows. MHF aims to renovate the homes caught up in infamous murders and crimes by bringing in forensic specialists, spiritual healers, and regular old home design experts. By the end of an episode, a once terrifying home should be the coziest place on the block. 
Premiere date: Monday, April 6.  

50 States of Fright

Who is in the cast?: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Rachel Brosnahan, Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield, Christina Ricci, and Vikings’ Travis Fimmel. 
What is it about?: Uncovering the myths and urban legends that fuel nightmares across America. The horror anthology will jump from state to state, scaring viewers along the way. Initial storylines include a Santeria tale from Florida, Brosnahan getting spooked in Michigan, and a creepy seaside Minnesota tale starring Butterfield. 
Premiere date: Monday, April 13.  


Who is in the cast?: The Queen in the North, Sophie Turner, and BlacKkKlansman’s Corey Hawkins. 
What is it about?: Continuing Turner’s TV career past Game of Thrones. Turner’s new character, a suicidal woman named Jane, survives a plane crash in a remote snowy mountain range. Faced with death, Jane finds the strength to survive — thanks in no small part to the only other crash survivor, Paul (Hawkins). 
Survive is based on the 2012 Alex Morel novel of the same name.
Premiere date: Monday, April 6.  

Chrissy’s Court

Who is in the cast?: Chrissy Teigen, naturally. And her social media-favorite mom Vilailuck “Pepper Thai” Teigen. 
What is it about?: Letting Teigen fulfill her Judge Judy dreams. The Instagram star and model will preside over small-claims disputes from people who apply to Chrissy’s Court. Yes, Judge Chrissy's rulings will be legally binding. 
Premiere date: Monday, April 6.  


Who is in the cast?: Liza on Demand's Liza Koshy hosts the dance competition, which stars two competing teams of dancers in each episode.
What is it about?: Who can best battle the Floored... floor. The dance teams must perform a previously rehearsed number as the floor around them moves wildly to the music. Expect to see the stage drop, tilt, and spin, all while performers are standing on it attempting to bust a move. Also, there are obstacles to dodge.
Premiere date: Friday, April 27. 


Who is in the cast?: Darren Criss — Royalties is his baby. The Emmy winner is starring, producing, and writing original songs for this upcoming musical comedy. Criss’ collaborators, Nick and Matt Lang of breakout YouTube production house Team Starkid, will also produce. 
What is it about?: The backstage ridiculousness of becoming a hit-making songwriter. Royalties will follow the fictional songwriting duo of Sara (a still uncast role) and Pierce (Criss) as they attempt to pen hit-making songs for a different superstar every week. Those fictional celebrity musicians will be played by real-life performers going as silly as possible. 
Premiere date: TBA. 

Varsity Blues

Who is in the cast?: This reboot doesn’t have talent attached yet, but it will be written by Tripper Clancy, the guy who penned Stuber. Dumplinand 27 Dresses helmer Anne Fletcher will direct. Original Varsity Blues producer Mike Tollin returns.  
What is it about?: Giving the world a modern take on 1999 football saga Varsity Blues. Also telling us which young actor will have to drawl out, “I don’t want your life,” in the 21st century. 
Premiere date: TBA. 

Empires of Luxury 

Who is in the cast?: Empires doesn’t have a host yet, but it is created by Crazy Rich Asians novel writer Kevin Kwan and Eddie Schmidt of Ugly Delicious
What is it about?: Bringing viewers behind the velvet curtain of the world’s greatest luxury brands, and into the lives of the secretive families who own them. Considering just how shrouded in mystery these luxe clans are, prepare to meet the young family members trying to drag them into the light. 
Premiere date: TBA. 


Who is in the cast?: No talent is attached yet, but Transmissions is developed by Jed Mercurio. The British writer also created Richard Madden breakout Brit drama Bodyguard
What is it about?: A scientist in an isolated radio observatory who begins getting messages from deep space. 
Premiere date: TBA. 


Who is in the cast?: The Bachelorette hunk Tyler Cameron and interior designer Delia Kenza will host Barkitecture, a series where dog parents build extravagant, customizable dog mansion for their pooches. 
What is it about?: Signaling to the world the apocalypse is nigh.
Premiere date: TBA. 
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