Lucy Hale's New Zodiac Tattoo Was Written In The Stars — Literally

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images.
Out of all the tattoo trends to come out of 2019, constellation designs are perhaps the most popular, especially among the Hollywood elite. The Act's Joey King has a tattoo of the Ursa Major constellation on her ribs, and Jessica Alba got three tattoos inspired by her children's zodiac signs earlier this year. Now, Lucy Hale joins the group with her brand-new tattoo.
Looks like Hale recently paid a visit to celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo to get a constellation tattooed onto her right arm. But this isn't just a random collection of stars. Hale got her zodiac sign, Gemini, and its accompanying constellation etched onto her body a whole month before her birthday on June 14.
That starry line work isn't even the most interesting part about Hale's newest addition. Turns out, the placement of the tattoo is even more meaningful than the design itself. Did you know that every zodiac sign is assigned a ruling body part? Hale probably does, considering the fact that Gemini's is the arm. A coincidence? We think not.
This, of course, isn't Hale's first tattoo. Over the last several years, she's amassed over 10, including a matching tattoo with her former Pretty Little Liars co-stars (they all opted for finger tattoos), an elusive lightbulb on the back of her arm, and one arm tattoo about self-love. The only design left for Hale to get: a pet tattoo to honor her beloved dog, Elvis.

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