Lucy Hale's New Tattoo Has The Perfect Empowering Message

Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images.
After weeks of passing through aisles of red heart candies just to get to the snack aisle at CVS, and days of seeing coworkers receive flower bouquets from their S.O.s while you're just waiting for your Seamless order, Valentine's Day can admittedly be a bummer for those who are celebrating alone (or opting out altogether).
Lucy Hale knows this — and because of that, she took the opportunity yesterday to show her fans her latest tattoo, which comes with an empowering and important message for people who may have found themselves feeling a little lonely this week.
"I got this tattoo recently as a symbol of self-love," she wrote on Instagram. "And that’s what this last year has been about...being alone (but not lonely), not settling, and truly finding my inner light & loving who I am."
If a close-up photo on tattoo artist Rob Green's Instagram is any indication, Hale actually got the tattoo in late 2018. The line drawing by French artist Frédéric Forest, situated on the back of Hale's left arm, shows a woman with her arms crossed across her chest with red accents — so if you squint real hard, it looks a bit like a heart. Hale's long been a fan of these kind of dainty tattoos: She got a detailed drawing of a lightbulb back in 2017, too.
"This Valentine’s Day while I don’t have a significant other, I am so happy with the place I’m in and unbelievably grateful for the overflowing love I have in my life from my family and friends," Hale continued in the caption. "Happy Valentine's Day to myself and to you."
That's a message that many of her fans apparently needed to hear, with one person commenting: "Thank you for reminding me that before I love others, I must love myself." As far as lovey-dovey Valentine's Day messages go, this one may take the cake.

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