The Best Teeny-Tiny Zodiac Tattoos For Every Sign

When you think about it, deciding to get a tattoo is only half the battle. Picking out your design comes next, and that's an agonizing process for many. After all, the possibilities are endless and can feel overwhelming, especially given the fact that you have complete freedom to ink whatever, wherever — oh, and it's on your body for life.
That's why tattooing your zodiac sign (which, unlike a partner's name or your current favorite TV show, will probably never change) is such a strong choice. Even though it's a popular design, there are unlimited options for making it all your own. Plus, aside from being beautiful, zodiac tattoos speak for themselves, meaning you won't have to constantly field questions from nosy people asking what your tattoo means.
Ahead, we've rounded up 12 of the prettiest zodiac tattoos to inspire your next piece.

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