We Share Our Raddest Tattoos — & The Surprising Intentions Behind Them

Anyone who's discussed getting a tattoo with a conservative parent or friend knows the standard concerns. Read: Will you be hindering your chances of getting "a good job" if it's visible? Have you really thought it through? And perhaps the biggest one: What is the sentimental meaning behind the tattoo?
Surprisingly, not having answers to the last question — and still going through with the ink — is more common than ever. In fact, non-sentimental tattoos seem to be on the rise, characterized by a genuine love of the artistry, instead of representing something with deeper meaning. A bouquet of flowers on a forearm, a Popsicle on someone's derrière, or two faces in a full makeout session on a leg — ink is getting more playful than ever. Because for a lot of us, these designs match our aesthetics, not necessarily our inner emotions. And hey, it's okay to get a tattoo just because you think the artwork is beautiful — and we dig it.
Don’t get us wrong, sentimental tattoos can be just as gorgeous. But sometimes, adding a piece of art to your body for its own sake is just as awesome. Translation: There's no right or wrong reason to get some ink. In the spirit of pure self-expression, we've asked R29 staffers to share their non-sentimental tattoos — just for the hell of it. Hey, you just might get some inspiration along the way...

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