Promposal Pros Share Their Advice On How To Ask Someone To Prom

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It’s officially prom season, which means that for high school students, it’s time to choose a prom outfit, plan your prom hairstyle, and maybe start saving up for prom expenses. And if you’re trying to figure out how to ask someone to prom, you might want to put together a creative promposal.
Promposals are a relatively recent trend — the Washington Post notes that they first began in the early 2000s and became more popular with the rise of social media — but for now at least, it looks like they’re here to stay. But although asking someone to prom might feel like a pressure-filled situation, promposals don’t have to be expensive or public.
We found high school students and recent grads who either gave or accepted cute, creative promposals, and we asked them for their advice on how to ask someone to prom. TBH, a lot of their advice is applicable to people of any age who want to think of a meaningful way to ask someone out, or mark a romantic holiday or important relationship milestone — keep in mind what your date likes and doesn’t like, have fun, and "just go for it."
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Daisy Miranda, 17, 12th grade

The date: I’ve known my prom date for a few years now, but we actually have AP Biology together right now and we were in marching band together last year.

The promposal: I honestly have no clue how he came up with the pun, but I know he went to my best friend for help (she made the poster). He also had our teacher and some of our classmates helping to keep it a surprise, because I was totally shocked when he asked me.

The advice: Planning a great promposal is really just about being creative and having fun! It’s good to keep in mind what the person you’re asking likes. If they’re more on the shy side, don’t serenade them in front of the whole school. I also think it’s really great to make it a surprise. The look of surprise on your date’s face is awesome.
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Joe Michelini, 18, 12th grade

The date: I knew my date through a mutual friend, and I was asked to go to Sadie Hawkins dance by her using a Dunkin' Donuts box and making a pun about donuts. So I thought maybe I could one-up her and do one better.

The promposal: I went to a specific Dunkin' Donuts with the big sign outside and explained my situation to the branch manager, and she thought it was a very cute idea and was more than happy to change the sign.

The advice: I would say my advice to people to think of a great promposal is to maybe look online for a place to start, and then put their own creative twist on it. I got the idea to change the sign of Dunkin' Donuts through seeing people changing the Chick-fil-A sign, and nobody but me has done a sign change with Dunkin Donuts.
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She said “I guess I’ll say yeah” #gayprom

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Gwen, 16, 10th grade (went to prom last year)

The date: My date and I were friends before I asked her. We dated for a little while after the dance, but at the time we were just going as a one-off thing.

The promposal: I just thought of rhymes for “me,” since I knew I wanted to have the second sentence be “want to go to gay prom with me?” I ended on the word “bee,” so then I just created the first sentence around that. I went to the craft store, made the headband and the poster from scratch, and then I was ready to ask her.

The advice: My advice would be to try to think of something creative. You see the same jokes all over Instagram once dance season comes, and I think the person really appreciates it when you put a lot of thought into what your sign will say. Also make sure they’re cool with going to the dance first. No one likes getting rejected — especially in public.
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Jake Kittleson, 17, 12th grade

The date: I first met Jennie at a band festival.

The promposal: When I got to know Jennie better, I found out she was really into Parks and Rec, so I thought the references to the show would be a good idea.

The advice: My advice for anyone making a promposal is to put some thought into it and play to your date’s interests.
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Joshua Desir, 18, 12th grade

The date: I met my date at school and she happens to be my girlfriend.

The promposal: I got the idea by thinking about things my girlfriend loves. I knew she loves the song “Stand By Me” and she loves roses — even her middle name is Rose. So I just decided to put the two ideas together for my promposal.

The advice: I would advise anyone who plans to do a promposal to look into their heart and know how they actually feel about the person they’re asking. This will make the promposal meaningful and genuine. Also, know the things your potential date likes or dislikes, so you won’t make any mistakes in your promposal!
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Angel Mitchell, 16, 11th grade

The date: I know him from my friends and Instagram.

The promposal: He does a lot of sports but his favorite is soccer.

The advice: I would say talk to the person you wanna ask and get to know them. Then go with their favorite thing, such as Takis (“we should Takis about homecoming/prom”) or wrestling (“[name], can I pin you as my prom date?”). Just go for it, honestly!
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Kalie, 19, graduated in 2018 (went to prom last year)

The date: We met through a mutual friend, and ever since then, we just became so close.

The promposal: My girlfriend is a cheerleader, and I always thought it would be a cute idea to make the promposal about cheer.

The advice: The advice I would give someone is probably just go for it. Never let fear be the thing that stops you from asking someone to prom!
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it’s VERY possible that i’m going to prom❤️

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Summer Post, 17, 11th grade

The date: My date and I, Fernando, have been best friends for years because of school. We recently started dating.

The promposal: We are in a musical called Seussical right now. I play the role of Jojo, and he promposed during my lead song, “It’s Possible.” Our mutual friend Ciarra helped him create a poster that correlated with the lyrics to the song. He promposed during a rehearsal in the middle of the song.

The advice: My advice for thinking of a good promposal would be to think of things that you and your date share — common hobbies, qualities, jokes, or really anything.
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Chelsea, 18, 11th grade (went to prom last year)

The date: I met my partner when I was a freshman and she was a junior in high school. She asked me to her prom when I was a sophomore and she was a senior in high school (class of 2018).

The promposal: She told me, “I always dreamed of going to my prom with the girl of my dreams...and that girl is you.”

The advice: Just go for it — don’t overthink it!
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Aliyah Rosario, 18, 12th grade

The date: I’ve been dating him for a little over two years now, and I’ve known him since we were both kids.

The promposal: As soon as they announced the date that prom would be, I kept joking around with him, saying things like, “Oh, I have to have the best promposal ever!” and “I don’t have a prom date until I get a promposal.” I really wanted it to be a surprise, and he knew that, so he coordinated with my friends so I wouldn’t know and planned everything.

The advice: The advice I would give people trying to think of a great promposal idea would be to just do what their date likes. It doesn’t have to be huge or anything, just as long as you make them feel special that they’re getting asked to prom. (Plus, if you have a cute saying on a poster, it’ll give you bonus points.)

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