This Is When Most People First Say "I Love You"

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How soon is too soon to utter those magic three words in a relationship? Love Island contestants may go around saying they love each other willy nilly, but for most people it's a much bigger deal – something we might spend weeks, if not months, chewing over. All the while we're hoping our new bae will just put us out of our misery and say it first.
Love ain't easy, is it?
Except for some people, it is. As many as 16% of people have told a new flame they love them within the first month of being with them, according to a survey by YouGov. The market research firm asked 3,947 adults, most of who were aged 18-24, what was the shortest length of time they'd waited before telling a new romantic partner they loved them.
Some were even quicker to reach the relationship milestone than Love Island's Marcel (who waited just a few weeks to reveal his feelings of lurve for new girlfriend Gabby). A hasty 3% of those questioned have told a new partner they loved them within one week of dating (admittedly, it's unclear whether or not they were sober at the time).
A further 13% have uttered those all-important words within the first month of being with someone. However, the most common length of time to wait is between two or three months (22%).
On the more cautious end of the spectrum were the 14% who waited four to six months to make the declaration. Meanwhile, around a tenth of those questioned (11%) have never said it before the six-month mark, with 3% saying it within nine months, 6% within a year and 2% waiting a whopping two years.
While there's no right time to bite the bullet and get those feelings out into the open – every relationship is different and we're not ones to judge – needing two years to work out how you feel about your SO is arguably not the best sign.
A further 10% were yet to ever say the three game-changing words to a romantic partner – either because they've never been lucky in love or were simply unromantic. Given the age range of participants, however, we probably don't need to feel too sorry for them.
While some of us fall in love hard and fast and aren't afraid to shout about it, as a nation, we're pretty guarded with our feelings. Another YouGov survey earlier this year found that most Brits have said "I love you" to three or fewer people, with 26% having said it to just one person (the most commonly given answer).

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