We Asked 10 Teens Why Promposals Are So Important & It's Actually Cute

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If teens in 2018 had their own love language, it'd probably be promposals, aka prom proposals. Over the past few years, as the Gen Z set has entered high school, asking someone to prom has transformed from an awkward rite of passage to an elaborate display of affection.
In the months leading up to prom, students will go out of their way to think up a creative, punny, often pricey, and most importantly, social media-splashy way to ask their significant other to prom. Some make posters and embarrass their friend in the middle of class, others pay to have a custom Snapchat filter for the big day, and they all post videos and photos of themselves popping the question on social media. Promposals are such a huge phenomenon that there's even an MTV show about them and a National Promposal Day on March 11th.
While promposals might seem frivolous, students seem to care about them a lot, and they look forward to them as much as the actual prom dance. "I always wanted a cute ass promposal...," one teen tweeted. "I wish I was getting a cute promposal," another said. So, why are teens so obsessed with promposals? We asked teens to explain why promposals matter, and it turns out they're deeper than just a stunt you do for the likes. Ahead, are 10 mind-blowing promposals and the real stories behind them.
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Kierra Sherrod, 12th grade

The promposal: "I was running 100-meter hurdle and when I crossed the finish line, my friends were holding a poster. He came with a picture of me on his shirt asking me if I would go to prom with him."

The date: "We met through my best friend, which is his roommate."

The price: "I didn't spend any money and I don't think he did. My friends helped him with the poster, and they had the materials, so it was nice!"

Why did you want an epic promposal: "I wanted an epic promposal because it's just a nice feeling when everyone is clapping for you and that special person is asking you to your first and last prom. Mine was special because it's my senior year, and it was my last first [track] meet of high school."
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Jessica Tran, 12th grade

The promposal: "Lunch had just begun, and he led me to where we usually eat. He hands me an actual fortune cookie with his own fortune inside of it. It stated, 'You will have a cute prom dress,' and the lucky numbers was the date he asked which was, 3, 9, 2, 0, 1, 8. Little did I know, behind me was a giant fortune cookie poster. As seen in the video, it was first just a fortune cookie, but then they 'opened' it to reveal the question of prom!"

The date: "We met in 7th grade in our history class."

The price: $7

Why did you want an epic promposal: "I didn’t plan for one, it sort of just happened."
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Destiny, 10th grade

The promposal: "I proposed at a track meet with posters that had different track puns."

The date: "We live 45 mins from each other and I met her at at a baseball game."

The price: "No more than $5.00. Posters are not that much. I already had the rhinestones at home and the markers."

Why did you want a promposal: "I wanted to have an epic promposal because, I feel like it makes the person I’m asking feel special, and that's exactly what I wanted. I knew for a very long time I wanted to take her to prom, and I knew we’d both be at this track meet, and I went ahead and asked her. My friends held each poster, and she got to read each one, and I knew that all the attention was on her — and that’s what I wanted!"
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Christina and Jessy, 12th grade

The promposal: "I decided to prompose to Christina on Friday, because it allowed my friends and I to prepare for the 'big day.' Because I wanted this to be the ultimate promposal, I started it off by making my friend lead Christina on a wild goose chase all over the school. When she reached the area in which the promposal was set to happen, my other three friends started blowing bubbles to create a sort of pretty gateway, which she would come through. As soon as she passed through the bubbles, she read my sign and fell to the floor from laughing too hard."

"We both love referencing Vines so I knew that would be the perfect way to prompose to her. After reading out the sign, I brought out a ukulele and began singing the 'I love you, bitch' Vine (which was also a big hit). After this, I brought out cake, flowers, and a stuffed penguin. To top it all off, I bought a customized Snapchat filter to be available on the day of the promposal!"

The date: "We’ve been friends from grade 10."

The price: Around $25-$40

Why did you want an epic promposal: "It’s always been an ongoing joke since grade 11. We would always come up with funny ways to ask each other to prom, and this year my friend [Jessy] decided to one up me by planning an 'epic' promposal. She was planning this for about a week and I honestly had no idea what going on."
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Caleb, 11th grade

The promposal: "I made a prom poster almost like a banner, and I dropped it down over the stairwell with roses falling out."

The date: "She’s my girlfriend."

The price: $64

Why did you want an epic promposal: "I wanted to do a special promposal for a special girl."
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Daija Vanegas, 11th grade

The promposal: "I decided to get the Jazz Band together and perform his favorite stand tune, 'Hey Baby,' and change the lyrics to 'Hey Kaleb, I wanna know, if you’ll be my date,' and at the end of the phrase I held up a sign that read, 'Prom?'"

The date: "We have been dating ever since he joined Jazz Band."

The price: "I spent 75 cents on the posters!"

Why did you want an epic promposal: "He deserves the world and more."
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Jordan Perkins, 12th grade

The promposal: "My girlfriend and I went on a trip to France and Spain over spring break with a large group from our school. Our first city was Paris, so I knew this was a great opportunity to ask the most amazing girl ever to prom in the most amazing way possible: on the top of the Eiffel Tower at night."

"I turned an illustrated children’s book about Paris into a 'checklist' of all the things we would see. When we got to those places, I would turn to the page with that place on it so we could check it off. Right before we went to the Eiffel Tower, I went into the restroom to write down on the Eiffel Tower page of the book, 'Bonjour Madame, will you go to prom with me,' with the two options of oui oui (yes) and non (no)."

"Once we got to the very top of the Eiffel Tower at night and looked at the beautiful city, I got out the book and turned to the Eiffel Tower page, which immediately made her eyes widen. She checked off the oui oui checkbox, so it was all worth it!"

The date: "I have been dating Kylie for almost two years!"

The price: "I helped pay my parents for the trip, but the promposal itself was free!"

Why did you want an epic promposal: "She deserves it! After finding a special way to ask her out to two homecomings and two proms, I knew the senior promposal needed to be the best one yet!"
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Sami, 12th grade

The promposal: "My boyfriend Cam took me to the Panthers hockey game on Saturday, March 9, 2018. He told me he had to record the jumbotron screen because his friend put a 'birthday wish' up and wanted to see it. Little did I know, he was recording the whole time, so I would be looking at the screen and see, 'Will you go to prom with me Sami?'"

"His friend was standing by the stairs near our seats with a sign saying, 'Going to prom with you would be pucking awesome. Sami will you be my date at prom?' with flowers. I was caught so off guard I didn’t even know it was for me and said, 'happy birthday, Justin,' in the video before realizing and saying yes."

The date: "My boyfriend."

The price: $20

Why did you want an epic promposal: "I told Cam that I wanted a promposal we could remember. I was not expecting it to be this big!! I loved it and we will for sure remember it."
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Stevenson Cerisier, 12th grade

The promposal: "Since I am the senior class president at South Cobb, I had a presidential escort with the campus officer, and my teacher had an all black Cadillac. I had a bunch of friends dress up in black suits to be my secret service. Then, I had a whole escort through the school campus."

"Once I stepped out the car I had Chance the Rapper’s song, 'D.R.A.M Sings Special,' play because Chance is her favorite artist, and I gave her a gift basket containing her favorite candy and a Chance The Rapper hat. Lastly, the poster I had made said, 'Is there a CHANC3 you will be my First Lady at Prom?'"

The date: "Kennedy Riley."

The price: $60

Why did you want an epic promposal: "Just because of who I am, I wanted to have one of the best promposals, and I wanted it to be remembered, not only by her — but everyone. I also felt like she deserved to have something really big. My motto I was going by when I was putting everything together was, Go Big Or Go Home!"
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R.J. Hainey, 11th grade

The promposal: "I dressed as George Michael with my friend Zach, and I lip synced to WHAM's 'Wake Me Up' in her fourth period. Had a big poster too and everything!"

The date: "We met in Spanish freshman year and now we’re going three years strong."

The price: "Too much."

Why did you want an epic promposal: "To showcase not just how much I care but who I am and what our friendship means to me."

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