We Asked 10 Teens Why Promposals Are So Important & It's Actually Cute

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If teens in 2018 had their own love language, it'd probably be promposals, aka prom proposals. Over the past few years, as the Gen Z set has entered high school, asking someone to prom has transformed from an awkward rite of passage to an elaborate display of affection.
In the months leading up to prom, students will go out of their way to think up a creative, punny, often pricey, and most importantly, social media-splashy way to ask their significant other to prom. Some make posters and embarrass their friend in the middle of class, others pay to have a custom Snapchat filter for the big day, and they all post videos and photos of themselves popping the question on social media. Promposals are such a huge phenomenon that there's even an MTV show about them and a National Promposal Day on March 11th.
While promposals might seem frivolous, students seem to care about them a lot, and they look forward to them as much as the actual prom dance. "I always wanted a cute ass promposal...," one teen tweeted. "I wish I was getting a cute promposal," another said. So, why are teens so obsessed with promposals? We asked teens to explain why promposals matter, and it turns out they're deeper than just a stunt you do for the likes. Ahead, are 10 mind-blowing promposals and the real stories behind them.
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