The Internet Has A Lot Of Feelings About This Pricey Promposal

Photo: Alamy.
Kids these days. Not only do they have social media and SATs to deal with, they have to produce epic promposals to go along with it. Because if it doesn't end up being a viral moment, did it really even happen?
The latest over-the-top promposal comes courtesy of Houston's Louis and Caitlan, a pair of high schoolers headed to the prom after crafting an expensive and attention-grabbing viral sensation.
"I thought it was so cute and creative I had to post it," she told BuzzFeed. How cute and creative was it? Louis set up a mini tableau on a staircase that included a Sephora shopping bag; a sign that read, "If the shoe fits, makeup your mind;" and a pair of nude Christian Louboutin pumps. That's right, the Holy Grail of stilettos. For a promposal. From one teen to another. Let that marinate for a bit.
According to BuzzFeed, the heels are the real deal. Louis decided to incorporate makeup and the luxe kicks because he knew that Caitlan is a makeup junkie. The shoes were just a very expensive finishing touch. When Caitlan posted the pictures to Twitter, the social media platform erupted with questions about these teens' tax brackets — or their gracious parents'.
There were fans and critics alike, because BuzzFeed estimates that the shoes cost something around $675. That's a lot for people with full-time jobs, so it's certainly an epic purchase for a high schooler.
Caitlan is taking all the criticism and clap backs in stride, however — Red-soled stride. "People are kind of mean but most of them are really money to me," she told BuzzFeed.
Louis expressed a little bit of surprise, though the sincerity may not be 100% there. "It's shocking for it to go viral — I wasn't expecting that," he said.

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