#FreeTristanThompson Is The Kardashian Conspiracy Theory No One Needs

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If you too risked your job by watching Red Table Talk at work on Friday, you know that Jordyn Woods broke her silence on the cheating scandal between her and Tristan Thompson, and confirmed the rumors.
Sitting down with host and family friend Jada Pinkett Smith, Woods admitted to kissing Khloé Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend and father of her child at a party that took place at his house.
The repeated infidelity has some fans convinced that Kardashian’s revolving door of forgiveness isn’t actually what Thompson wants. People think he is being unfaithful on purpose in hopes of Kardashian letting him go for real, sparking the hashtag #FreeTristanThompson. Yes, you read that correctly — there are folks on the internet who think a grown man can't make his own decisions or be held accountable for them!
People have long considered there to be a “Kardashian curse.” The sisters, particularly Khloé, have been targeted as the reason why some of their former athlete boyfriends’ careers (and personal lives) have taken a turn for the worse after dating them. Kardashian’s ex-husband Lamar Odom famously spiraled into a drug addiction during their relationship, which many blamed on the lifestyle and fame that comes with dating a Kardashian.
In perhaps one of the greatest "hold my beer" reactions of all time, some people on Twitter seem to think the curse has struck again, and that Thompson is just trying to make it out alive.
“Just waiting for Tristan, Jordyn, Lamar, and James Harden to drop that Surviving the Kardashian’s mini documentary #TeamJordyn #FreeTristanThompson,” one tweet read.
This camp of Thompson sympathizers is convinced that Kardashian is keeping him against his will, even comparing it to the Oscar-winning film Get Out.
This user took it even further, comparing it to slavery.
Some, however, just seem to want the best for Kardashian, and think that letting Thompson go is a step in the right direction, no matter how it gets done.
Despite the detailed account Woods offered of everything that happened, Kardashian still isn’t buying it. After the show aired, she took to Twitter to call Woods a liar, saying Woods wasn’t “honest,” and basically defended Thompson for handling the situation better.
This unfortunate threesome seems to be caught in a battle of he said, she said, and Kardashian really seems to only be listening to his side of the story. Not only is she sticking by him this time — when he initially denied anything happened but has now been exposed — Kardashian took Thompson back after cheating on her during her pregnancy.
As this scandal continues to unfold I'm sure many more hashtags will popup, but #FreeTristanThompson will likely remain undefeated as the greatest plot twist of all time.

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