Khloé Kardashian Quietly Addressed Comments That She Stole Tristan Thompson From His Ex

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Tristan Thompson’s latest act of infidelity is giving Khloé Kardashian a major headache — to say the least — and it’s a far pace away from the (sort of) innocent days when they were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend.
However, some fans believe that the current state of their relationship should come as no surprise given the cloudy timeline of the start of Kardashian and Thompson’s relationship, and the end of his relationship with Jordan Craig.
Craig was Thompson’s girlfriend before Kardashian, and she was pregnant when Kardashian came into the picture. Thompson and Kardashian were rumored to be dating earlier in 2016, but made things official in October of that year. Craig gave birth in December 2016.
The timeline doesn’t look great for Koko, and while there are certainly people on the internet playing into that, Kardashian and Craig seem to be cordial. When news of Thompson’s first cheating scandal broke, Craig posted a message of support for Kardashian.
Even with that, people can’t seem to believe that Kardashian didn’t wreck a happy home and is deserving of her current situation. No worries, though — her fans are coming to her defense.
“Khloé didn't take Tristan away from his ex,” on supporter wrote on Twitter. “They were broken up and they decided to start a relationship. If you say that what happened is ‘karma’ then you're just stupid and believe everything on the internet.”
Kardashian liked this tweet, giving her presumed stamp of approval and trying to give some truth to the statement.
Courtesy of Khlou00e9 Kardashian's Twitter
It looks like Kardashian is sticking to her story of not being the other woman when it comes to Thompson and Craig’s relationship, a rumor she has tried to dispel before.
At the time of her daughter True’s birth, those who believe Thompson cheated on Craig with Kardashian were not surprised he turned around and did the same thing to her.
Despite news of Thompson cheating on Kardashian breaking only days before True’s birth, Kardashian still allowed Thompson in the delivery room. The Revenge Body star took to Twitter to defend her decision. “A birth is not something you can ‘redo,’” she said. “Once you make that choice you can never get it back #KUWTK think big people.”
A Craig supporter responded, “Agreed. Jordan will never get that moment back where U made the birth of her & Tristan’s son all about YOU. U staged pics so everyone would see you with T at the Bel Air hotel a day after Jordy gave birth. U could have been classy & made it a private moment between parents.”
Kardashian clapped back, saying this woman’s facts were all wrong. “What are you even talking about,” she replied. “Their son was born December 12th these images were taken many months later. And baby girl, i have been wearing those rings way longer than I’ve known TT. Get your facts straight.”
Kardashian has been unwavering in her story for months, but the internet refuses to put this drama to rest.

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