Khloé Kardashian Calls Out Jordyn Woods For Breaking Up Her Family

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It's the most highly anticipated live TV appearance in memorable history — and it's not even on TV!
At 12:00 p.m., Jordyn Woods went on Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch to speak to Jada Pinkett Smith about the recent rumors swirling around her alleged hook-up with Tristan Thompson, the father of Khloé Kardashian's baby.
Naturally, Kardashian was one of the millions watching Woods tell her story — but she's part of the story, too. People were tuning in to see Woods' measured account of the evening, and how the Kardashians would react. Already, the family took action against Woods, with whom they had once been extremely close. Woods moved out of her best friend Kylie's home, where she'd been living. Until today, we hadn't heard Khloé Kardashian respond to Woods directly (she previously only alluded to the drama). Since the news broke, Kardashian has been on a rampage of liking tweets that are disparaging toward Woods.
During the broadcast, Kardashian took to Twitter and accused Woods of lying. "If you're going to try to save yourself by going public, instead of calling me privately to apologize first, at least be honest about your story," Kardashian wrote, in all caps — as if her point weren't already clear.
Kardashian's tweet directly opposes what Woods said on Red Table Talk. According to Woods, she spoke to Kardashian and apologized over the phone and through text. "I let [Khloé Kardashian] know that I'm willing to do whatever it takes for her peace of mind. Not for my image. Not for my career. This is for your peace of mind, so you know that there was no malicious intent," Woods said.
In the tweet, Kardashian also claims that Woods and Thompson's dalliance led to her rumored break-up with Thompson in February. However, Woods denied that she and Thompson had any ongoing relationship beyond that one house party. "I'm no homewrecker," Woods said.
Woods also admits that she wasn't completely honest with the Kardashian family about the events of the evening. By her account, Thompson kissed Woods as she was leaving an afterparty at his house. Immediately after that, Woods told Jenner and Kardashian that she had been at Thompson's – but not that they kissed. "I knew how much turmoil was going on. Let me not throw more fuel on the fire...I was trying to protect Khloe's heart," Woods said.

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