Flights Are As Low As $44 With JetBlue's Current Flash Sale

Photo: Courtesy of JetBlue.
Isn't it funny how January can feel longer than the other 11 months put together? Or, maybe not so much funny as incredibly depressing. This year, at least, there is a way we can reward ourselves for making it through this most dreary and dragging month with JetBlue's current flash sale.
Right now, JetBlue has airfare for as low as $44 on travel between February 5 and April 10. That means almost as soon as January ends, you could be hopping on a flight to an exciting destination and putting even more distance between you and the first month of 2019.
If your biggest complaint about January is that it's too cold for comfort, JetBlue's current flight deals will be especially thrilling for you because they includes flights to several different warm weather destinations. Fly from Atlanta, GA to Orlando, FL for $45, and maybe see if you can't hang out there until the spring weather finally comes to your hometown. Those in Richmond, VA can head to Fort Lauderdale, FL for $54 for some much-needed fun in the sun. Flights from Providence, RI to West Palm Beach, FL are $84 with this deal too, so travelers can escape the current freezing temperatures.
For these warm-weather getaways and many more at majorly discounted prices, flights must be booked on the earlier side of 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, January 30. But that shouldn't be a problem because what else are you doing with the last few days of this seemingly never-ending month?

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