JetBlue Is Capping Flights Out Of Florida At $99 To Help Evacuees

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images.
It's not often that airlines are seen as heroic, but the latest move from JetBlue is definitely something to celebrate.
In an effort to help Floridians flee the dangers of Hurricane Irma, the budget airline is capping prices for flights out of Florida at $99. From now until September 10, no direct flights originating in Florida will be more than $99 and any flight with a connection will be just $159.
"We want those trying to leave ahead of the hurricane to focus on their safe evacuation, rather than worry about the cost of flights," JetBlue spokesman Doug McGraw told Travel + Leisure.
Reuters notes that flights out of the Caribbean are also under a price cap, though the news agency didn't mention any specific prices. Florida airports that operate JetBlue flights include Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale.
Quartz reports that other airlines have come under fire for what looked like hiked-up ticket prices in the wake of Irma. However, the site explains that it wasn't necessarily greed behind the move. Computer systems are dynamic and are always adjusting prices based on demand, supply, and competitor pricing. Life-threatening disasters and states of emergency don't factor into the equation. JetBlue's fare cap essentially keeps prices low regardless of those factors, so those looking to evacuate can get out without wasting their time with astronomical airfare.
JetBlue's move prompted a few other airlines to follow suit. American Airlines is also capping its flights out of Florida at $99 from September 10 to 13 and Delta has capped fares at $399 for flights out of the Caribbean and Florida.
"Given that many Floridians are struggling to get out of harm's way, this is welcome news," Florida Sen. Bill Nelson said in a statement obtained by Yahoo. "I hope more airlines do the right thing and follow suit."

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