This Is The Royal Family's Favorite Holiday Cookie

photographed by Heather Talbert.
Earlier this month, the royal family awed the world by unveiling some jaw-dropping Christmas decorations. When we first laid eyes on the 30-foot tree outside Kensington Palace and the three gorgeous firs installed in Buckingham Palace's Marble Hall, we immediately wished that we could have decorations that extravagant. Turns out we don't need to be too bitter that we're unable to decorate like the royals because the family just gave us another way to celebrate the holiday season like them. Today, the royal pastry chefs shared their recipe for Ginger Bread Biscuits (stateside, we'd refer to them as gingerbread cookies) on @theroyalfamily Instagram account.
According to the post on the Royal Family's official website, which the Instagram photo linked to, these gingerbread cookies are a favorite of the family this time of year. To make each cookie extra special, the royal pastry chefs personalize them by writing various family members' name on the cookies in icing. Additionally, the gingerbread that results for this recipe are sturdy enough to be hung from any of the family's many Christmas trees.
In order to make these Queen-approved holiday treats in your own kitchen this holiday season, you'll need self-rising flour, ground ginger, mixed spice, unsalted butter, dark brown soft sugar, granulated sugar, and milk. While you likely recognize most of those ingredients and probably even have many of them in your kitchen cabinets and fridge already, one that might be tripping you up is "mixed spice." According to The Epicentre, which is a kind of online encyclopedia of spices, mixed spice, aka "pudding spice," is a mixture containing 1 teaspoon allspice, 1 inch piece cinnamon stick, 1 teaspoon cloves, 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg, and 1 teaspoon ground ginger. Pre-packaged versions of this spice mixture are widely available at British supermarkets, but it's also easy enough to create yourself at home.
Check out the royal family's full gingerbread biscuit recipe, which includes some special tips and tricks courtesy of the royal pastry chefs, here. Even if our presents won't be under a 30-foot tree on Christmas morning, at least our taste buds will get the royal treatment.

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