This Artist Transformed Her Parents’ Home Into A Gingerbread Masterpiece

Photo: Courtesy of Christine McConnell.
Every neighborhood has that house that goes all out for Christmas, the one that requires a special drive-by to see the latest collection of light-up reindeer, Santas, and candy canes. But we bet not even the sparkliest of homes can hold a candle to this creation by L.A. artist Christine McConnell: a full-sized gingerbread house, straight out of a storybook, just in time for the holidays.
But the fantastical hides something dark, as does much of McConnell’s art. This isn’t just any gingerbread house — something threatening lurks behind the beautiful facade. The tableau she created is none other than the witch's house from Hansel and Gretel. (McDonnell herself posed as the witch and her nieces played the parts of Hansel and Gretel once the home makeover was complete.) The frightened gingerbread men on top of the house are the only warning that something isn’t right — until you notice the girl screaming on the second floor, already trapped inside.
McConnell told us over email that it took seven days and around 105 hours of labor to realize her vision, which included hand-making the costumes. Her hard work paid off. We’d say that the end result looks good enough to eat — if we didn’t already know that eating it is exactly what can get you into trouble.
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Opener: Tetra Images/Getty Images.