Vacation Like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel At These 6 Trendy Boutique Inns In The Catskills

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In season two of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, viewers are treated to a three-episode vacation from 1950s New York City as Midge and her family head to the Catskills for their annual summer getaway. As Midge suggests when she insists on leaving the city for two months, even with her comedy career heating up, these extended summertime escapes to the mountainous region upstate were standard for many city-dwelling Jewish families of a certain means. The practice was so common, in fact, that the countless summer resorts that populated the area became known as the Borscht Belt.
Though resorts in the Borscht Belt originally began popping up out of necessity due to antisemitic attitudes, according to Hudson Valley Magazine, the spots grew to become an important incubator for culture beginning in the 20s and continuing all through the 70s. Families looking for a way to cool off during hot New York summers would flee to these resorts and spend their days enjoying various outdoor activities like swimming, boating, organized events, and socializing. And, just as the episodes of Maisel that take place at Steiner Mountain Resort show, these hotels really did became important venues where some of the most notable entertainers of the day like Duke Ellington, Dean Martin, Milton Berle, and yes, Lenny Bruce honed their acts.
The popularity of these Catskills resorts as summertime destinations for the entire family waned as air conditioners and air travel became more common and many of them shuttered or were demolished. Because of this shift, vacationing exactly as Midge Maisel today would be near impossible. However, thanks to the resurgence of boutique inns and hotels in the area in recent years, you can enjoy a getaway that mirrors Midges experience.
Ahead, we've compiled a list of trendy Catskill inns, hotels, and resorts. Many have been around since the 1800s, had their hay days during the Borscht Belt era, and have since been brought into the 21st century. While many of the spots do offer access to summertime activities a lot like the ones Midge participated in — don't worry, that doesn't include pageants — most are also open during the winter so you can book a vacation ASAP.
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Photo: Courtesy of Spruceton Inn; Photographed by Sarah Jayne Ellis Photography.
Spruceton Inn

The property on which Spruceton Inn sits was first settled way back in the early 1800s. An hour and forty minutes drive from New York, Spruceton is no stranger to family fun as it actually used to be the site of the Schwarzeneggar's Sunshine Valley House. Now, though, the inn is owned and run by a Brooklyn native named Casey Scieszka. Visitors to Spruceton Inn can take a dip in the nearby mountain creek, play croquet, and relax by the fire pits.
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Photo: Courtesy of Glen Falls House; Photographed by Jacob Pritchard.
Glen Falls House

Though it's been around since 1881, Glen Falls House was converted into a boarding house in the 1940s by the Sulger family, who continued to develop it into a full resort over several decades. Jonathan Pricco and Greg Brier purchased the resort in 2017 and helped revitalize the property. With a pool and tennis courts, Glen Falls House isn't unlike Steiner, where Midge and her family spend their summers. The spot even has an emphasis on food with its "carefully-sourced-from-scratch-comfort-food kitchen." Guest can also enjoy live music, though don't expect to see Dean Martin perform there.
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Photo: Courtesy of Scott's Family Resort.
Scott's Family Resort at Oquaga Lake

As the actual location where the Catskills episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel were filmed, Scott's Family Resort is sure to give you the true family summer fun experience. The resort has been run by six generations of the Scott Family and is open in the spring and summer with weekly cottage rentals and day passes. Guests can tube on private lake, golf, or take a break inside with ping pong, shuffleboard, and more.
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Photo: Courtesy of Scribner's Catskills Lodge; Photographed by Read McKendree.
Scribner's Catskills Lodge

Operating as different types of lodging on and off since 1881, Scribner's draws in guests who are looking to both explore and relax all year round. With fireplaces in most of the rooms, it's an especially cozy winter destination. The lodge offers a similar sense of community to what Midge experienced each year at Steiner as guests can gather together for a shared meal prepared by the house chef. For those looking to do more than just laze about, Scribner's is surrounded by 20 acres of mountainside through which to wander.
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Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Dylan; Photographed by Costas Picadas.
Hotel Dylan

Borrowing its vibe more from the 1960s than the 1950s, Hotel Dylan is all about connecting with peace and love in Woodstock, New York. Less than two hours from New York City, the area is known as an artist colony with a laid back character, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing vacation any time of year. Hotel Dylan draws on the musical history of Woodstock with each room named after a rock n' roll icon and vinyl records available for guests to listen to throughout their stay.
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Photo: Courtesy of Graham and Co.
The Graham & Co.

As a "modern take on the classic weekend getaway," The Graham & Co. is home to three acres where guests can participate in all sorts of activities from badminton to biking. The 20-room hotel is open all year round and is close to other attractions like tubing, skiing, hiking, and antiquing.

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