All The Leaked Details Of Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner's Wedding

Photo: Altaf Qadri/AP/REX/Shutterstock.
Unlike Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, Joe Jonas’ relationship with Sophie Turner has been a slow burn. The couple first sparked dating rumors back in October 2016, before they brought their PDA to the forefront and eventually announced their engagement a year later. However, they’ve stepped out of the spotlight these past few months to let Nick and Priyanka shine, but now that their fairytale wedding is wrapping up, it’s on the to next.
In a now-deleted video posted by Turner’s life coach, Mike Bayer, we got our first details about Jonas Wedding #3. In it, we see a large box, big enough for a bottle of wine, with calligraphy on the front that undeniably looks like a Save The Date. Clearly, the couple wasn’t ready for those beans to spill. The video has been removed, but nothing is ever truly gone from the internet.
In just a couple seconds, we finally get the details we've been craving about the next engaged celebrity couple up to bat.
Let's break down everything we know so far about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's wedding.

When is it?

While the box doesn't give an exact say, we can see that the celebration is planned for 2019.
Where is it?
Ooh, la la! The couple has written "France" next to the date, meaning everyone currently in India better get ready to come back and start packing for grand Paris.

What's the theme?

While the French theme is kind of unavoidable, there's still so much more the couple could do with their nuptials. Turner comes from an almost entirely Game Of Thrones background, but that might bring back too many memories of the Red Wedding. As for the Jonas side of the family, Nick and Priyanka went wild with the spon-con, so it's possible there will be even more products to hawk.

Who will be there?

Probably many of the same people who came out for Nick! The whole Jonas family better get ready to party again, because this time, pretty much all of Westeros will be there. Certainly Turner's BFF and co-star Maisie Williams, who already revealed she was a bridesmaid, but hopefully the (remaining) Starks will also make an appearance.

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