Who To Put In Your Game Of Thrones Battle Of Winterfell Deadpool

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Let’s face it: As we head into the third episode of Game of Thrones season 8, not everyone is going to make it out alive. The battle has finally come to Winterfell, as at the end of 2019's second episode, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” the Army of the Dead finally arrives at the northern fortress. This is bad.
Everyone is preparing for battle in their own way, with new weapons, new swords, a few drinks, and a sense that they might not survive to see the next day. War is finally here. So you should figure out your best Game of Thrones death pool bets. Game of Thrones has never been coy about killing off characters. With only four episodes to go until the entire series if over, more than likely a few — if not many — of our favorite people in Westeros will die before the end of the finale season's upcoming third episode. But who?
Honestly, no one is really safe, probably not even those locked away in the crypt below Winterfell. So just who is going to be brutally and violently taken away from us next week? Though it’s actually anyone’s guess, here’s a quick rundown of who’s probably safe, who’s definitely going to die in the battle, and also those whose fate could go either way.

Who is going to die in Game of Thrones' Battle of Winterfell?

Gendry: He’s back, he’s made a bunch of weapons for Winterfell, he sleeps with Arya, and now he’s going to die. While it’s nice to think about Gendry and Arya living happily ever after, that’s probably not what she wants out of life. Without the pairing of Gendry + Arya, be honest, do you care about his fate?
Jorah: Sam gives Jorah his family sword, Heartsbane, in a heartfelt scene. More than likely this just sealed Jorah’s fate on the battlefield.
Podrick: You’ve had a good run, squire.
Brienne: There’s a very high chance Brienne is going to die at Winterfell. Though she’s now officially a knight, there’s no way she’s going to stand on the front line of battle and lead her army to victory. Also, consider Brienne’s promise to Catelyn Stark to protect her girls. There’s no more honorable place for Brienne to die than defending Winterfell for Sansa and Arya.
Grey Worm: He’s fought off death a few times. But after his speech to Missandei about taking her back to her home and protecting her people? Oh he’s so dead.
The Hound: It feels like his storyline is finished. He’s made peace with himself, and with Arya. What more is there left for The Hound to do?
Tormund: He’s a brilliant fighter, but it might not be enough to survive Winterfell. Also just think about how sad it will be if Tormund dies protecting Brienne. It would literally be the most tragic thing the show has ever done.

Who is going to survive the Battle Of Winterfell?

Sansa: The eldest Stark woman has quickly proven that she is the one you’ve gotta watch out for. Sansa is quick, cunning, and ruthless and ready to do whatever it takes to save the North. More than likely she’s going to be one of the few standing at the very end of the series, which means she’s spared from the Winterfell battle... for now at least.
Tyrion: Even though he said he was ready to fight, Tyrion is sent away to the crypt with the women and children. Dany explains that there are thousands of men who can fight in the battle, but only one Tyrion brain. She’s going to need him later on so he has to stay safe now.
Dany and Jon: These two are being grouped together because their lives are so intertwined right now. Their story is far from over, which means neither one of them is going to die at Winterfell.
Arya: She’s still saying NOT TODAY to death.
Sam: Hints are starting to drop about Sam having more to do with the overall story than we initially thought. This means he’s going to survive the battle (along with Gilly and Little Sam).
Davos: Somehow, considering all that he’s been through, Davos has survived against all odds. He’s the nice father figure hanging around and will be spared this time.
Missandei: In the crypt, avoiding battle. Completely safe.
Varys: Safe. No question about it. Varys survives.

Who could survive the Battle of Winterfell?

Lyanna Mormont: Oh wow, it pains me to say this but there’s a real chance Lyanna might die in the Winterfell battle. Though she is fierce, she is still a small child. Someone better protect the hell out of her in the battle.
Bran: The Night King is coming for him. Bran knows it. Though everyone agrees upon the plan to set a trap up for the Night King with Bran as the bait, there’s still a high chance he doesn’t make it (also, keep in mind Sam’s Big Speech about recording stories, passing them down, and memories. It sure sounds like if Bran falls, and loses all these memories he has, Sam is going to be the one to put pen to paper and pass down this story for generations to come).
Jaime: Every episode since the very first episode of Game of Thrones has begged the question, “Is this how Jaime dies?” Now it might finally come true. Also Cersei would be SO MAD knowing her brother/lover died defending Winterfell.
Theon: Though he and Sansa had a ridiculously touching reunion (and maybe something else is brewing there?) he came back to fight for the Starks, and he’s more than likely going to die fighting for the Starks.
Alright, get ready to cry, people.

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