Priyanka Chopra's Facialist Spills All Her Glowy Bridal-Skin Secrets

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One look at Priyanka Chopra's skin — sculpted jawline, dewy cheekbones, a forehead so smooth not even a magnifying glass could find a bump or wrinkle — is your dead giveaway that she's about to walk down the aisle. True, the 36-year-old bride-to-be is genetically blessed with great skin even on her worst day, but her pre-wedding glow tips the scale to a whole new level.
To find out the actress's flawless skin secrets, we spoke with Nichola Joss, Chopra's longtime facialist. Here, she breaks down her easy-to-follow skin-care guide for any bride looking to get that traffic-stopping glow on the big day — and beyond. The following interview was told to Megan Decker and edited for length and clarity.
A Few Facials Are Crucial
Pre-wedding facials will make a huge difference in the brightness, tone, and structure of your skin on the big day. Three or four months before the wedding, you want to go in for your corrective treatments — a chemical peel to flush out pores, or a laser treatment to clear any rosacea. Whatever your main concerns, tackle those early, well before the wedding.
When you start getting closer to the day, about a month or two before, your skin will be in a better state. That’s when you want to start introducing hydrating and plumping facials, which will add instant glow, and professional-grade massage tools to better sculpt the contours of the face and flush out any underlying puffiness.
Then, if you're able, schedule out a treatment for the day of the wedding. The morning before Meghan and Harry's wedding, I used Decléor's Instant Firming & Lifting Mask on Priyanka, and it gave her skin this unbelievable lift and glow — I recommend it to every single bride.
Stick To A Simple Morning Routine...
Your daily routine should be really regimented the month of the wedding. If you're loyal to this routine, you'll have flawless skin walking down the aisle, and every day after.
When you wake up, cleanse using a soft micellar-water lotion, like this one from Avène. Then — and so many people skip this — spritz your skin with a gentle toner. This is important because it will brighten your skin and get rid of any cleansing particles which, if not removed properly, can lead to a super dull, congested face. I always recommend The Ordinary's Glycolic Acid toner, and the Glossier Solution as well, both of which will help in balancing your pH levels, which correlates to better skin tone.
After your toner, you can layer on your active product, which usually comes in serum form, and give that a few minutes to absorb deep into your skin. Lastly, massage your daily moisturizer into your skin. Really get your fingers involved — start in the center of your face, and work your fingers upwards towards your hairline for a face-lift kind of effect.
...And A Calming Bedtime Ritual
When you get home after a long day, immediately cleanse away your makeup and grime you accumulated through the day. Then, spritz your skin with your toner and apply your favorite serum. Give those ingredients the evening to do their work; don’t put anything on top of them. Later on, right before you go to sleep, use an oil balm or nighttime moisturizer — I love the Pro-Collagen Neck & Décolleté Balm from Elemis — and massage it into your skin. You can even do this while you're under your covers. The oil and balm will lock in whatever serums you applied earlier, plus add instant moisture to your skin.
The massage will reduce any face bloat, encourage lymphatic drainage, and strengthen the contours of the face. This regimen is so good for you because your face is a map of the body, so it gets your whole body ready to rest.
Make Like Priyanka & Try Turmeric
Priyanka loves a DIY face mask — she makes them quite often with kitchen ingredients, and I fully endorse it. She loves them because mixing a mask by hand means she knows exactly what's going on her skin.
She likes to use turmeric, which is an amazing ingredient with a lot of skin benefits — it’s calming, and relieves inflammation and congestion. A simple oats-and-honey mixture makes for a quick and easy gentle exfoliating mask. Sugar and honey is also great, if that's easier. It’s about being in control of the ingredients you’re putting on your skin, and Priyanka specifically loves to make her skin-care routine as Ayurvedic as possible.

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