This Is The Most Surprising Reveal Of The KUWTK "Betrayal" Episode

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The beginning of every season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians comes with a very specific form of excitement. As the rumors about reality TV’s most famous family pile up over the year, we know the story behind those stories will eventually be revealed every Sunday night on E!. Such a promise has never been more enticing than this year.
Now that season 15 has plowed through most of the Kardashians’ 2017 and 2018 baby subterfuge — both Chicago West and Stormi Webster have been born in the seriesKUWTK has arrived at the clan’s most fascinating tidbit of recent, genuinely upsetting drama: Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal leading up to Khloé Kardashian going into labor.
Sunday night’s “Betrayal” gave us an extremely honest glimpse into Khloé’s pre-delivery emotional chaos. Amid all of the many surprises, the least-expected one was just how much Brown University was involved in the run-up to Khloé birthing True Thompson into the world.
The involvement of an Ivy League institution is somehow one of the most interesting details of this massive Kardashian family crisis.
“Betrayal,” doesn’t descend into Tristan’s infidelity scandal until its final act. As we now know, the basketball player was spotted kissing a woman who wasn’t Khloé Kardashian in New York City in April 2018, hours before Khloé gave birth. TMZ video also shows Tristan entering a downtown New York City hotel with that same woman. Khloé was trapped in Tristan’s homebase of Cleveland at this time, thousands of miles from her family. Once Tristan’s Big Apple infidelity became national news, video of the Cavaliers player getting frisky with other women months earlier, when Khloé was about three months pregnant, also surfaced.
That is the torrent of awful information the Kardashians are dealing with in “Betrayal.” As KUWTK reveals, this news was even worse than the general public realized, since Koko was already in the midst of experiencing contractions before she even heard about her partner’s reported bad behavior. There were questions of whether a private plane would be sent to Ohio to bring Khloé back to California to give birth, and whether she was even in a state to fly. Momager Kris Jenner was also panicking about reversing the plan and taking Khloé’s doctor, Dr. Thaïs Alibadi, or “Dr. A” as she is repeatedly called, to Ohio ASAP on a private plane. “She’s literally going to go into labor over this,” Kim complains.
Yet, Kim, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kris stop everything they’re doing to do a quick video chat with students at Providence, RI's Brown University who are taking a class called Keeping Up With Keeping Up. We can assume the class is a specialty seminar since there is absolutely no information about it on the Brown website, and it’s wildly small. As we see during the Kardashian-Jenner call, there are just seven women in the very cozy class.
Amid all the stress of Khloe’s imminent labor and Tristan’s cheating, it seems odd the Kardashians would try to make time to call into a random college classroom. Although Kim claims in a talking head interview, “We can’t really reschedule the call, so if anything, it’s a good distraction,” that probably isn’t the reason the KUWTK stars still hopped on Skype. It's most likely the family had already spent some of their production budget on the plot line.
While most of the action is from the perspective of the Kardashian-Jenners in California, there are also a few shots of the students at Brown. That means Team KUWTK had either sent their crew out to Rhode Island to film, or they rented a local one just for the occasion. That pricey logistical choice is why they probably couldn’t reschedule at the last minute — not the call itself. Hence, the need to get as much footage as possible despite the less-than-ideal Khloé-related circumstances.
Of course, Khloé’s emergency did end up cutting the call short. Kris is forced to run off of the video chat when Khloé informs her mom she has been experiencing repeated contractions. “She’s in labor. Like, full-blown labor, and I’m in charge of bringing the doctor,” Kris explains in a talking head, adding in real-time, “It just doesn't get any worse.” All of a sudden, the Brown class and production budget don't matter all that much. Kris demands Kim, Kourtney, and mom MJ Campbell wrap up the call because they don’t have a second to waste.
The entire display is so intense that Khloé tweeted during the episode, “These poor ladies on [S]kype were probably thinking my mom was CRAZY.”
However, Kris was right. It is clearly Wednesday, April 11 in the episode, as Kris exclaims at one point, “Happy Wednesday!” Khloé gave birth around 4 a.m. on April 12. When it came to getting the Kardashian-Jenners, and Khloé’s doctor, from L.A. to Cleveland in time for Khloé to give birth, every minute did legitimately count.
At least all reports signal everything worked out when it came to Koko’s labor, which we’ll see during next week’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And those seven Brown students will always be an unwitting part of Kardashian family lore. If only they knew they were watching history unfold on that fateful April day.
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