Khloé Kardashian Is the MVP of KUWTK

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Even though Keeping Up with the Kardashians is technically a show about an entire family, there's always one clear Most Valuable Kardashian (MVK) in each season. Or rather, Most Valuable Kardashian. This year, it's Khloé Kardashian.
Bestowing this well-earned title on Khloé doesn't come lightly. 2018 has put the 34-year-old through an emotional wringer, and she's dealt with the worst of it in the very public eye. Ever since the show's debut a decade ago, Khlolé has always stood out as the most outspoken, outgoing, and out-of-the-box sister. She drank too much, she cursed too much, and she played too damn much! But now, she's matured. (She still knows how to pull off an epic prank though.) With her maturity, she's become one of the most earnest, humble, and kind-hearted women on KUWTK — or any reality series, if we're being honest.
Khloé's transition from comic relief to wise mother hasn't been a quick one, and that's why it matters. For all its quirks and pre-planned drama, KUWTK actually acts as a time capsule for one of the most talked about families in the world. Season 15 has largely been focused on Khloé's pregnancy (Kylie Jenner chose to have her own pregnancy off-air), and now, after last night's dramatic ep, Khloé's tumultuous relationship with her on-off boyfriend and father of her child, Tristan Thompson, we've seen just how much Khloé can endure.
At a time when Khloé could act out, freak out, or opt out of filming, she maintained her composure and grace, as evidenced in last night's episode. Although she admitted she couldn't stay "calm" when hearing the news about Tristan, and that she may or may not have gone into labor after watching the video of Tristan with another woman, the phone calls that made it into the episode proved that she's a woman in charge of her emotions. The scandal between her and Tristan didn't break her because she didn't let it. The nine months she spent preparing to be a mother helped her prepare for other life-altering events like dealing with an unfaithful partner, and giving advice on how to deal with an unsound one.
Khloé may have joked that Tristan was "lucky" she was too pregnant to be upset with him fully, she's far beyond that petty behavior that once defined her and her family. Take, for example, the entire Kim vs. Kourtney feud that ruled the first half of this season. I bet you already forgot about that, huh? During all those confrontations, Khloé was always the voice of reason, seated across from her crying, dueling sisters with her hands laced on her pregnant belly, waiting to talk sense into them as the all-knowing youngest sister.
Khloé's hasn't had just one defining moment as MVK — she's had dozens. It's like the crazier her life gets, the more centered she's become. It's a testament to her own confidence and sense of priorities. She has True now, she has her Good American brand now, and she has all those years of life lessons to rewatch every Sunday on E!. If you're going to air all your dirty laundry on TV, then you might as learn from it. MVK Koko has done just that.

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