Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 15, Episode 12 Recap: Tristan Cheats

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The time has finally come. Viewers are finally getting a front row seat to the Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson drama that unfolded earlier this year in April. As teased in promos this week, episode 12, "The Betrayal," is about just that: a major betrayal in the family. Before we get into what happened in this week's dramatic episode, you may be wondering what the current state of Tristan and Khloé is. Are they dating? Are they co-habituating? Have they recovered from this very public scandal? Yes, no, and sort of. According to Instagram, Khloé and Tristan are talking and raising their daughter, True, together, and do appear to be romantically involved, if one is to believe true lovey-dovey social media messages. As far as recovering from this public scandal? TBD. On Twitter, ahead of the show, Khloé opened up about sharing this story with the entire world. She writes, "I love filming for the show and I am proud that we are all strong and brave enough to be vulnerable, but we have to start airing shows closer to real time."
So, did Khloé really go into labor over all this? And did Kris really plan all of this? Let's find out.
About That Night
We learn that Khloé went on "maternity leave" from the show and recorded her own footage on her own for the last two weeks of her pregnancy. Only 12 days before her due date, Khloé recorded a video of herself on a birthing ball with her "other baby daddy," her friend Malika Haqq. In the video, she mentions that Tristan is "out of town," which is foreshadowing at its finest. A few more videos give us a look inside of those final days before Khloé welcomed True, and before the video of Tristan making out with other women is shared with the world. She's either alone or with Malika in the videos, which makes everything sadder. Just imagine Khloé sitting in Cleveland waiting for the father of her child to come home, totally unaware to the fact that he's out at clubs with other women.
And then it happens. This is how it all goes down: Kim texts a video of Tristan making out with another woman to the family group chat. Kendall think it's a sick joke. Kylie sends Khloé a link to the article. And Kim wonders if she should call Khloé, but Malika beats her to it. Malika is mad as hell, and the entire family waits to hear from Khloé, who initially ignores their texts. Remember that she is in Cleveland alone, just days away from giving birth. This is the worst case scenario, and pretty heartbreaking to witness. Especially with Khloé live-tweeting the episode, and reliving it all over again with fans.
Finally, Khloé responds to the news, and calls Kim. Kim, after speaking with her sister, reveals that even more friends and acquaintances have since shared stories about Tristan's behavior. Khloé's voice on the phone with Kim right after she finds out is heartbreaking. She wants to get out of Cleveland and come to L.A. to have the baby instead, but she's so close to her due date.
We learn that Khloé kicked him out of the house, and that she really, really tried to get the hell out of dodge to give birth to True. While they wait to hear if she is allowed to travel or not, Kim and MJ decide that Tristan is unfaithful and will never change. "Find a different type" is MJ's advice. "Find an accountant."
The wildest part of all this is that right in the middle of this total catastrophe, Kris Skypes into a Brown University class dedicated to their show, "Keeping Up With Keeping Up." During the Skype convo, Khloé calls to tell her mom that she is in "full blown" labor, and Kris has the appropriate reaction: "Ah, shit." Kris had considered leaving for Cleveland the night before, but decided to stay in Calabasas. But now, it's time, and the whole family has to hustle up to Ohio to not only be there for Khloé's labor, but to also literally bring up her doctor, Doctor A.
Later, while speaking with Kourtney, Khloé reveals that she wants Tristan to still be around for the birth because she wants to go through this process with him as her partner. She is afraid of the negativity that may be in the delivery room with Kim, Kris, and everyone else, around. Malika is the only person staying level-headed in all this, and she tells Kim that she needs to act cool and not start any drama. Baby first, kill Tristan later. Or as Kim says, "To be continued, mother fucker. It's not over."
PS — It really doesn't feel like Kris orchestrated this drama. Let's end that rumor once and for all.
The Only Kardashian That Can Move
Scott realizes that Kendall is the only Kardashian-Jenner without a kid, which means that she is the only adventurous one left for him to hang out with. The only obvious follow-up to that revelation is that the duo sign up to go ATVing. But, according to Scott, ATVing is not nearly extreme enough. He wants to take her skydiving instead, but Kendall is afraid to actually jump out of the plane.
After a little convincing from a veteran skydiving instructor, and a thinly-veiled diss from Scott telling her to be more than just a model, she takes the plunge! What an amazing experience for our two children-less pals to partake in.
Kim Wants To Go Back To High School
Kim has some new friends, whose names don't really matter, and they peer pressure her into drinking green apple sake. This moment of liberated motherhood makes her realize how excited she is for her high school reunion, an even she's been waiting for since she graduated. Kim wants to go to her high school reunion so badly that she literally weighs out this option: Birth or 20 year reunion? Really, Kim? Really? She says the phrase "20 year reunion" at least 10 times. Kim, everyone knows you are the most successful person in your class. You don't need to show up in a PVC dress to make that point known.
But don't worry, according to the Internet, she makes it to the big event (even though this isn't shown during the episode). She even rents out a party bus for her and her old crew. Thank God.
Our weekly round-up of the craziest one-liners from the episode (these are all out of context because it makes them funnier):
"I just got a new horse." — Kendall
"Everyone is bed-ridden with a child." — Scott
"Why am I doing this?" — Kendall
"Because you're not just a model." — Scott
"You are fucking with all of us if you disrespect one of us." — Kourtney
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