Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 15, Episode 11 Recap: Kim Kardashian And The Future Of America

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If this post feels a little bit different than the usual Refinery29 KUWTK recap, you're right. Morgan Baila, Refinery29's usual safari guide to the Kardashiverse, is away, and I'm taking over. Our first stop on this trip: Khloé's pink pastel explosion of a baby shower. To your left, you'll see a menagerie of large twine animals. To your right, a box in which people can submit baby name recommendations (Tilly?!). And all around you, you can gaze at Kardashians' inner sanctum, clad in various shades of pink. Before a nine-month-pregnant Khloé heads off to Cleveland to wait out the birth of True, she basks in the presence of her adoring, and occasionally passive aggressive, family. Case in point: Kris, wearing a satin flare-sleeved dress that's a cross between 18th century orphan and couture, mentions how relieved she is that Khloé is finally is getting around to having a baby. “Out of all my kids, I worried about whether or not Khloé would have a baby," Kris says, shedding a careful tear. Well: Khloé is indeed having a baby. Fittingly, much of this episode concerns the Kardashian women's various baby anxieties.
Civics 101
Celebrities: They're just like us! Kim, like so many Americans, is gnawed by the endless stress of being a Person in America who watches the news. Her anxiety is ramped up after the Parkland school shooting tragedy. “It consumes me a lot," Kim says.
Kim wonders: Is it responsible to bring the seven children that Kanye wants into this dark timeline? Instead of looking into the possibility of relocating into an alternative timeline, Kim decides to get involved in bettering this one. She and Kanye take North to the March for Our Lives protest in Washington, D.C. Kanye, who grew up amid gun violence in Chicago, feels especially passionate about exposing North to the perils of gun violence.
After arriving to D.C., Kim and Kanye network with the other celebrities who have attended, like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Common, using that casual tone found in celebrity exchanges. Later, Kim meets with parents of the Alyssa Alhadeff, a victim of the shooting. You can find the Alhadeff's nonprofit devoted to keeping schools safe here.
Kim is obviously addled. But she's inspired, too. She summons four of the March for Our Lives organizers into a orange-hued extravaganza of a Four Seasons hotel room and talks about the future of the country with them. They are her barometer for change. If these four activist teenagers think change is possible, then Kim will allow her anxiety levels to abate a bit. They give her a quick lesson in civic engagement: Every two years, we can reshape Congress with candidate who are, as Kim puts it, have "good morals," so long as people actually vote. This segment is a not-so-subtle PSA for all KUWTK viewers to actually get up and vote on November 6, and we are very much in support of its inclusion.
By the end of the episode, Kim is feeling sufficiently hopeful about the future. If there are kids like this in the world, then Kim thinks the world might not be so bad. She mentions that she'll talk to Kanye about having that next baby. Seven, though? Really?
Baby Bod
For Kylie, giving birth was apparently "the easiest thing ever." The aftermath? Not so much. Kylie is adjusting to motherhood. More specifically, she's adjusting to what motherhood has done to her body. Kylie is vocally insecure about the changes her body has undergone since giving birth to Stormi. She bursts into the trailer for their Calvin Klein photoshoot and laments that she's still "158 pounds." Khloé, who is near ready to burst, retorts, "I'm 198." On the bright side, the Kardashians do frankly address the body's changes during pregnancy: Khloé pees her underwear during the Calvin Klein shoot. Hey — it happens.
At this point in her post-birth journey, Kylie is essentially a shut-in. Kim finds her on the floor in her cavernous closet, throwing away clothes from her past life and mourning the size 25 jeans she'll "never" fit into again. (Sidenote: Where do the Kardashians send their used clothes?) “A lot of us women go through this but it’s a shock to the system to see your body, especially at such a young age, change so drastically. And not be the same size,” Kylie says during an interview. Kim, who has been through this before, takes on the position of Kylie Champion. She gives helpful advice like: Put on multiple layers of shape wear so you don't feel too swamped by insecurity to leave the house!
Eventually, after she and Kim do a photoshoot for their makeup collaboration, Kylie is feeling at peace with her body. After all, she has a little girl now. She has to set a good example.“I feel way more powerful than I ever have," Kylie says.
Frenemy of the Pod
And now, for the episode's comic relief. Scott, a literal human mosquito, travels to Cleveland to keep Khloé company while Tristan is away. Since he isn't sure there isn't anything to do in Cleveland (sorry, Clevelanders, I'm sure there are things to do!), he decides to revive The Lord and His Lady, the podcast they had started in the Hamptons. But Scott overlooks a key component in his plan: Khloé is practically about to give birth and not filled with the same energy she had in the Hamptons. He's constantly criticizing her energy levels. “Do you really want to bring a child into this world with this energy?” he asks. If Khloé were a dragon, we'd give her permission to spew warning fire at him.
For the podcast, Scott and Khloé tape themselves doing "fun activities" like walking around Cleveland (and interviewing two women who I don't think had any idea who they were) and learning to do baby CPR. Mostly, Khloé just seems constantly exhausted by Scott and his needling. He critiques everything, from the color of the baby's nursery to the set-up of Khloé and Tristan's (admittedly eerie) all-gray bedroom. Maybe this was Scott's covert mission to get Khloé accustomed to the sheer exhaustion of motherhood.
Eventually, after a particularly tense podcast sesh, Scott apologizes for "Khloverfield" for being so annoying. He says he loves her. But even his apology has a flaw. He gives her a framed photo of her and her dog, Gabbana – but the photo happens to be of the last time they were together before she died. Good intention; iffy execution. That's Scott for ya!
Our weekly round-up of the craziest one-liners from the episode (these are all out of context because it makes them funnier):
“You cant storm because you’re too big to swim.” — Scott
“It’s a sweet, tender loving peach ice cream pie." — Scott
"What is there to vote on?" — Kim
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