Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 15, Episode 10 Recap: Art Vandelay, We Meet At Last

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We're out of Japan, and back on our bullshit. In episode 10, "Let's Play Ball," Kris Jenner gets charitable, the girls get sporty, and Art Vandelay gets exposed. Get ready for less fights, but more competition; less crying, but more injuries; less screaming, but more cheering. (Author's note: Like the entire Kardashian family, I know little to nothing about baseball or softball so please forgive me.)
Let's get to recapping our favorite complicated family.
Scam of the Century
The gag is up. Scott Disick and Khloé Kardashian are finally ready to tell Kris the truth about the art they've convinced her to purchase from famed "artist" Art Vandelay (yes, as inspired by George Costanza's own fake Vandelay from Seinfeld). We know the kids love to prank the matriarch of the family, but the plan starts to reach new heights when Kris' assistant asks for details so Kris can get her new paintings appraised and insured. With that awkward convo on their minds, the duo decides to end the joke and tell Kris the truth.
In reality, Art Vandelay is a guy named Sam Richardson, who shows up to lunch at Nobu in a button-up shirt with flamingos all over (which should have been a dead giveaway) so Scott and Khloé can introduce the famed fake artist to Kris before blowing up the whole joke. During lunch, Kris calls him their new "best friend," and can't stop gushing about the art he has created especially for her. (Reminder: Khloé painted all of those works of art in his garage.)
Finally, the moment arrives. "Do you remember when you shamed Khloé about now knowing art?" Scott starts to tell Kris. She immediately starts to smile as they unload all the lies they've told her. Scott art directed while Khloé painted the pictures to show Kris that she actually knows nothing about art, and just likes what people tell her is cool. Her immediate reaction? "You guys are such pieces of shit." But eventually they all see the humor in the prank, and Kris compliments them on pulling off one of their most successful long-running jokes yet.
And it was really long-running. In fact, Khloé wants us to know exactly how much effort went into pulling it off. "We had people in on this prank off Camera and on Camera," she wrote on Twitter during the episode's airing. "My mom would be at birthday dinners and we would have some of her friends discussing whether they should be buying an Art Vandelay piece."
The scam's impressive, which means Anna Delvey has some competition.
Play Ball!
It's the Jacksons versus Kardashians on the diamond. As part of their family's efforts to raise money for Watts Community Center, the sisters decide to host a friendly game of softball, asking their old family friend Tito Jackson to grab his family for a ballgame. He agrees, and the rules are set: losers have to match a check to the community center, and lets the winners gloat. For whatever reason, the women (Kourtney especially) seem confident they will win, despite their lack of talent. Once the family practice kicks off, their utter lack of knowledge of the game gets even funnier because then I remembered that Kim literally got engaged on a baseball field.
Spoiler: they suck. Kourtney is convinced she is the best (keep in mind how low the bar is), but in reality, there is only one way they could win: they need professional help. And when I say professionals, I mean it: Khloé calls in the coach of UCLA's women's softball team, and Kris calls up a guy named A-Rod to not only provide some assistance, but to also be their team coach.
Just like that, suddenly it's game day. It's the "Calabasas Peaches" versus "Tito's Team" led by Tito himself. Rounding out the Jackson's team is TJ Jackson, Royal Jackson, Dylan Tapia, and Louis Tapia in the first inning. On the Peaches' side it's Kris, Kim, Kourtney, and a few other family friends. Immediately it's 2-0 Jacksons, when Kim, Kourtney, and Corey go up to bat and literally all strike out. Then it's 4-0 Jacksons, and then 7-0. But then something changes and suddenly the Peaches start to get good and catch up. In the end, they still lose, but since it's all to raise money there are really no losers. Yay!
We are also, for some reason, forced to watch a montage of Jonathan Cheban eating a corndog, fries, an Icee, and other junk foods. Thank you, E!.
Lend A Helping Hand
In addition to their softball skills, Kris and Corey Gamble showed off their family's donating skills. Kris meets with the Watts Community Center leader, Justin Mayo, to discuss ways she can be involved with the South Los Angeles center and its refurbishment. The money from the softball fundraiser, as well as a few other partnerships put into place by Kris, helped to create an inspired and impressive community center for underprivileged youth. There's a sweet montage of Kris meeting a few of the community leaders and kids affected by its services. It's nice to see the Kardashians involved in the greater community, and carve time out of their dozens of personal projects to be present in a way that really matters.
You can prank your mom at Nobu all you want if you take time to realize the major ways you can help those less fortunate and give back in a meaningful way. Good job ladies, and Corey.
Our weekly round-up of the craziest one-liners from the episode (these are all out of context because it makes them funnier):
"I don't even know what dodgeball is." — Kim
"None of you know that baseball is nine innings?" — Kourtney
"Are baseball players short? Holy cow." — Khloé
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