People Really Think Kris Jenner Planned This Whole Khloé-Tristan Scandal

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The past few days have been dramatic for stans of the Kardashian family, and presumably even more so for the family itself. A video has surfaced that allegedly shows Khloé Kardashian's boyfriend, and father of her unborn child, Tristan Thompson, kissing another woman in a club in New York City. Additional video shows Thompson entering and leaving his hotel with what appears to be the same woman. While Thompson's ex, Jordan Craig, has responded to the rumors on Instagram, the Kardashian family has remained silent, and some people think that's because momager Kris Jenner is behind it.
Jenner has been in charge of the family's empire for years now, and she's definitely orchestrated a lot of deals and publicity for her daughters. However, it's a long-held conspiracy theory that any ~drama~ that goes down amongst the family has been carefully calculated by Jenner, and that stories only break because she's allowed them to. At least, that's what people thought after Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery, as well as both Khloé and Kylie Jenner's pregnancies.
Now, people think she was in charge of making sure news of Thompson's cheating dropped right as Khloé was scheduled to give birth.
"Yall sleep if yall think Kris Jenner didn't plant these Tristan stories. Khloe has 'been through so much'. This is going to be great for her," Stephanie O. speculated, adding, "Khloe being cheated on by her husband, struggling to conceive then being cheated on again? I can see the cover of Vanity Fair now. She'll be straight."
"I’m crying cause that video from October and it’s just getting released djdhdkdjdj," wrote another user, referring to rumors that the video is actually from a few months ago. "Khloe and Tristan probably not even together no more. Kris Jenner be WORKING."
"My girl Kris Jenner already figured out a way to make 10% off of Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe," another fan joked.
We don't actually know anything about the situation — including whether or not the cheating rumors have been verified — but Kris is certainly handling it... in whatever way you want to believe.

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