Wait — Is KUWTK Skipping Chicago West's Birth?

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There is something extra titillating about this season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The famous family, who even share video footage of their most delicate doctor appointments, was shockingly tight-lipped last fall and winter. We were left asking, Khloé Kardashian is pregnant, right? And Kylie Jenner is pregnant, right? Even the wait for Kim Kardashian West’s third child was uncharacteristically shrouded in mystery because Chicago West was carried by a surrogate, whose privacy was rightly respected.
But, during season 15, we finally seeing all those moments the reality TV clan kept hidden. Khloé and Kylie talk about their respective birth announcements, or lack thereof. The Kardashian sister trio feud that induces full body-wracking sobs. Next up, we all expect to watch the trio of births of the Kardashian family as they transpire. Kim did, after all, give us at least a peek at what it was like to bring North and Saint West, whom she carried herself, into the world.
But, if you were really paying attention during Sunday night’s “The Family Feud,” KUWTK called into whether the latest Kardashian West baby, little Chicago, will get her own big entrance episode. This Kardashian konspiracy theory comes down to the date “Feud” was filmed — because we’ve already skipped right over Chicago’s birth in Keeping Up time.
“Family Feud” kicks off with Kim’s latest KKW Beauty shoot, where she, her mom Kris Jenner, and her grandmother M.J. Houghton all sported different shades of blonde hair. As Kris’ social media confirms, the shoot took place on Tuesday, January 2, at the very beginning of the year. Many of the conversations of the episode — chief among them, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s argument over their children meeting Sofia Richie — also suggest the episode is was shot in the first few weeks of the year.
However, the centerpiece of the episode is the family’s titular trip to compete on ABC's Family Feud. Since time doesn’t exist in KUWTK you may not realize that game show was filmed on Saturday, February 24, a full month after many of the events of “Family Feud,” and, more importantly, when Chicago West was born. The youngest Kardashian-West kid entered the world on January 15, as her TMZ-obtained birth certificate confirms.
Despite the fact Chicago was very much alive and adorable during her family’s Family Feud shenanigans, there is nary a mention of the child throughout Sunday night’s episode.
Considering how much KUWTK ignores Chicago with “Feud,” it’s easy to assume the series is going to break with Kardashian baby tradition and avoid her birth. That seems even more possible since Kim has been fiercely protective of her surrogate’s privacy since season 14 (remember how emotional, angry, and nearly-litigious she got when tabloids attempted to out her surrogate’s identity?). Plus, Kylie daughter's Stormi Webster was also born at this point, and she isn't spoken about either.
It would seem entirely possible that Chicago will one day pop up on her mom’s reality show without any real explanation as to how she got there. Even the previews for next week’s sixth episode leave Chicago out of the narrative in favor of a flash mob storyline and drama over whom a pregnant Khloé will choose to be her baby’s guardian.
Thankfully for fans keeping their fingers crossed for an inside look at Chicago’s birth, Keeping Up has some surprises in store. Despite all the suggestions the E! series is going full steam ahead following the late February chaos of Family Feud; we’re actually going back in time for the next installment. Though, you would only know this fact if you stalk the E! Entertainment YouTube channel. A video published late Sunday night is titled “Chicago West Makes Her Debut on Keeping Up With The Kardashians This [Upcoming] Sunday.” While we don’t see Chicago in the clip, Kim does tease her daughter’s surprising name. The possibility of meeting Chicago makes sense, since the flash mob mentioned above in the episode went down on January 12, mere days before the baby was born.
While it’s unlikely we’ll see Chi's birth in graphic, delivery room detail (once again, please remember how protective Kim is of her surrogate), she will receive some sort of televised attention in a matter of days. Welcome to the world, and reality TV, Chicago West.
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