Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Have Drama Over Sofia Richie In New Clip

Photo: David Becker/WireImage.
In a preview clip from this week's Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian and former longterm boyfriend Scott Disick get into a heated argument after the latter introduces new girlfriend Sofia Richie to the couple's children. That would normally be fine, except he never gave Kardashian a heads up about the meeting.
Though the co-parents tip-toe around the topic without ever saying Richie's name, don't be fooled. There's nothing passive about this exchange, it's full on aggressive as the mom of three chides a visibly annoyed Disick, who kinda, maybe, for sure gaslights Kardashian.
"Sometimes you want to do certain things, map out certain things, but they don't always go as planned," Disick says in his defense.
But Kardashian isn't having any of it. "It's called giving someone a heads up and having a respectful conversation, giving someone the respect," she says of Disick's duties in co-parenting. "I make sacrifices all the time, and you're not following through with the things that you say you're gonna do. Then you just go and do whatever you want, and I'm not okay with it."
Cue the gaslighting from Disick: "I think you expect a lot from a lot of people. Not always can your expectations always be met, even though people are trying their hardest to please you.... Do you think you're difficult or no? Do you think you're overly controlling? Do you think there's any chance you could ever be in denial about anything?"
Don't push your luck, Scptt.
Watch the tense clip, below.
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