Khloé Just Dropped A Clue About The True Reason Kim & Kourtney Are Fighting

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If you’re caught up with Keeping Up With The Kardashians this season, you know all is not well in the Kardashian world. Kim let loose the insult heard ‘round the world when she said Kourtney was the least interesting Kardashian to look at — a particularly pointed jab for a family empire built on aesthetics — during the fight to end all fights that is sure to make this year’s Christmas card one not to remember.
The dragging, the screaming, the complete lack of emotion in Kim’s face as her sister slobbers in the kitchen, the reinforcement of patriarchal traps by playing into the “devoted mother vs. cold working woman” dichotomies while simultaneously demanding everyone be evaluated on their attractiveness: this is what Tina Fey would call some serious girl on girl crime.
The fight lit up the internet — which is par for the course for a family that delights in breaking the internet. If they weren’t before, all eyes are on the Kardashian sisters, so it seemed a little too coincidental that just two days later Khloé would take to Twitter to announce that she’s executive producing a new true crime show about...when sisters turn to the dark side.
The true crime show Twisted Sisters explores the deep psychology that spurs sisters to commit dark crimes, either together or against one another. Henry Schleiff, group president of Investigative Discovery, welcomed Khloé as an executive producer, calling her “one of the most renowned experts on ‘sisters.’” What exactly a “sister expert” is or why he put sisters in quotes is up in the air.
What remains firmly on the ground is the coincidental timing of the fight. Some fans are calling it staged.Even if the fight itself was real, a particularly public Twitter feud between the sisters after the episode’s air date really does seem too good to be true. I mean, don’t they have a family group chat? And why would they choose to rehash something filmed months ago now?
I’ll throw my hat into the conspiracy theory ring here with a little pot-stirring of my own: at the end of the Twitter feud, Kim begs fans not to “get it twisted” because the sisters are actually okay. Twisted. Don’t get the Sisters Twisted. Twisted Sisters. Twisted Sisters airing on Discovery ID on Labor Day. Come on sheeple, wake up!
We have reached out to reps for the Kardashians and Discovery ID and will update the story if the Kardashians confirm or deny this theory.

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