Every Headline The Kardashians Will Address In The New Season Of KUWTK

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In August of 2017, Kris Jenner told The Hollywood Reporter that when the family first embarked on the Keeping Up With The Kardashian journey, she joked that "on season 32, Kylie gets married." She may have been kidding, but with season 15 premiere just around the corner, we are nearly halfway there.
The teaser trailer for the show just dropped, and though we say it every year, this season looks like the juiciest one yet. Not only because it looks like tensions are high and sharp words are thrown around, but also because the past year has been insane for the family. There were three pregnancies and births within four months of each other, a major cheating scandal, and plenty of KarJenner news to go around.
Here's a breakdown of all the drama, scandal, and headlines we can expect to see from KUWTK this season.
— The teaser opens with Kim talking about how good it is to have the sisters together. Her glam looks exactly like it did during their March trip to Japan. So we'll probably get to go on that journey with them. Perhaps they'll even address Khloé being mom-shamed for traveling a month before her due date.
— A showdown between Kendall and Kourtney about how differently the two are treated in the press.
— A confrontation between Khloé and Kourtney about how the latter has been treating her. BuzzFeed reports this may have happened after Khloé revealed the two were fighting about Kourtney's incessant parenting advice during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
— But no worries, that is followed up by this sweet shot of Kourtney feeling True's little kicks.
— Another scene shows Kim ye-ll-ing at someone but is then followed by a sweet moment of grandma MJ and Khloé caressing Chicago's head.
— But with all the drama we have come to love, the trailer also shows lots of family celebrations, hugs, and sweet moments.
Kim really fanned the flames when she retweeted the trailer, adding that it was "probably our most rude argumentative fighting season we’ve ever had and I still hold my ground and am not backing down lol." But no worries, Khloé added her own touch to the tweet.
It'll be so good to have the family back on our TV screens. Perhaps Kris was right after all: getting to season 32 wouldn't be that improbable. With two seasons a year, Kylie would be only 28 if the show ever reached that milestone. Mind. Blown.
Watch the full KUWTK trailer below.

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