This Sell-Out Lipstick From Sephora Has New Disco Shades

Queer Eye's Tan France. Micro pigs. The Office. There are a few things in this world that we can't help but love. And when Ciaté introduced Glitter Flips this time last year, we adored the product upon first contact. The metallic lipstick has the same inherent likability of an English man who never says no to a "French tuck" or a miniature farm animal.
Last fall, Ciaté's Glitter Flips were welcomed with an overwhelming amount of praise. Not only is the formula unique — the liquid transforms from your average gloss into an explosion of twinkling glitter — but the product hits on one timeless trend: all glitter everything. Recently, we've seen glitter-packed lipsticks on the runways, red carpets, and even at our own office. So naturally, a product with that much likability sold out almost immediately, with at least one tube flying off the Sephora shelves every single minute.
Now, Ciaté is expanding the Glitter Flips collection with four new disco shades. The lip-smacking glitter is still there, but the lacquered formula is now available in holographic colors — including a goth black, cherry red, hot pink, and rosy mauve. Will you be one of the few to snag the latest update of the best-selling formula before it sells out?
Ciaté Glitter Flip, $19, available at Sephora.

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