Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Apparently Have A Pet…Pig

Photo: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock.
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a...pig? At least that seems to be the case for Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.
Closing out a particularly eventful summer, the engaged couple appears to have added a new four-legged friend to their family. But instead of getting a typical pet — a dog, a cat, or even a turtle — they got a tiny little pig. Yup, an actual, real life Babe.
The piggy was first spotted on Grande's Instagram story. Fans immediately began gushing over the adorable animal, who was photographed snuggling and sleeping on both Grande and Davidson.
Ariana Grande/Instagram
Seriously, how could a pig be this good at posing for pictures?
Elle notes that pet pigs are illegal in New York, where Davidson and Grande live, so there’s no telling if they actually own this pig or if they’re just babysitting it for a few days. If it is the latter, there may be pretty good explanation as to why.
According to the American Mini Pig Association, little pigs can ease anxiety and panic attacks, as well as improve the symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Given everything Grande’s been going through over the last few days, it’s totally understandable that she’d get a emotional support pig.
You’re probably thinking, “dogs are emotional support animals too,” which is true. But Grande has always been a supporter of pigs. She made this — and her opinions about bacon — very clear after PETA tweeted a link to a video about how the breakfast staple is made.
“@peta beyond horrifying shocking disgusting and heartbreaking,” the singer, who is vegan, wrote. Back in 2014, she tweeted that she loves animals “more than I like most people.”
A supporter of animal rights with the ability to sing some truly awesome bedtime songs? I’d say the little pig couldn’t have asked for a better set of pet parents, temporary or not.

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